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Ms. Gorsi Zaveri

Clinical Nutritionist/ Lifestyle Therapist 

PG (Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics)/ M.Sc in Clinical Research

Gorsi, a believer in the holistic power of food, focuses on integrated lifestyle approaches to shape well-being. With a background in Clinical Research, she emphasizes treating root causes for lasting health. Gorsi advocates for the transformative power of food, promoting nourishment, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection. Join her to embrace food's healing potential for a healthier, more meaningful life.

  • Yes, you can. As nutrition program does not disturb your medicines schedule and eating the right food will be an add on to  manage and cure any lifestyle disease.

  • There are no side effects of herbal supplements as they are 100% natural herbs from plant resources.

  • We share easy yet nutritional recipes appropriate for carrying to work / college. We help with planning and educating that makes the journey doable and sustainable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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