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---By Dr. Mickey Mehta

Dr. Mickey Mehta's Books

Books give you insights. Insights give you foresights. 

Books compel you to introspect, retrospect and also books give rise to life and respect for life. 

Books also brings about knowledge, intelligence which turns into wisdom.


Knowledge which can be used, wisdom which can help you grow and evolve. 

Which is why, books on health, healing, wholeness, wellness are the books which will help you evolve. 

Well, all of my books written till date, are with the single most philosophy and intention to add value to mankind and bring joy to the living,  healing to their lives and wholeness to their beings.

Everything that I have written till date, I have learned from this universe itself.
I’ve simply used the prism of my life experiences through my mind and pent my perspectives on the same.

Welcome to the universe of health, healing and wholeness.

Health Maximized... Healing Optimized... Wholeness gets you Mickeymized!!

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