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Mr. Narendra Shinde


Narendra Shinde, a distinguished Naturopath certified by The Indian Institute Of Drugless Therapy, is dedicated to fostering well-being through natural healing. Armed with a License of Water Safety, Narendra not only ensures land and water safety but also imparts the joy as a skilled instructor. 


His proficiency extends to acupressure therapy, where he excels in channeling the body's energy for holistic balance. Additionally, Narendra's healing touch as a masseur provides therapeutic relief.


With a commitment to holistic living, he combines traditional naturopathy with modern practices, making him a sought-after practitioner.


Embark on a journey to well-being with Narendra Shinde, where the essence of naturopathy and the healing arts converge for a harmonious and vibrant life.

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Question 1: Do massages help in losing weight and prevent diseases? 
Answer: Certainly massages do help you in losing weight and preventing diseases. It takes your BMR up, it improves your circulation, improves your oxygenation, helps you eliminate your toxins. So certainly they work towards these goals.

Question 2: Do massages help in insomnia? 
Answer: Massages certainly help in insomnia because they release the tensions, knots of the body and tensions and knots of the mental and emotional self too. Once this release is done, it's easy to sleep.

Question 3: Are Massages are a luxury? 
Answer: No,  massages are a necessity.  Right from the child which is born to senior citizens, massages can keep us active,  healthy,  well-circulated and alert. Massages also give us immunity.  Massages can also support us in repair,  restoration and rejuvenation. Massages are good for increasing your metabolic rate and make you lose weight and prevent diseases also.

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