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Ms. Manali Nare
Nutritionist & Yoga trainer

PG (Food Science, Nutrition)

A distinguished nutrition specialist with a postgraduate degree in Food Science & Nutrition from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai, boasting an impressive 16+ years of experience in the field. Complementing her expertise, she holds a prestigious degree from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.


Manali is passionate about bridging gaps in nutrition, blending traditional wisdom with modern knowledge. Her holistic approach involves not only dietary guidance but also incorporates meditation techniques and Asanas from her yoga training. This unique combination fosters mental and physical relaxation, promoting overall health.


With a rich experience in transforming health through traditional yet unconventional methods, Manali takes individuals back to their roots, drawing from the wisdom of Vedas.


Many have benefited from her powerful approach, making Manali a sought-after guide on the journey to holistic well-being.


Question 1: Can you help me create a meal plan that will help me achieve my nutrition goals?

Answer: Certainly! Creating a customized meal plan depends on various factors such as your age, gender, activity level, specific health goals, dietary preferences, and any existing medical conditions. Based on these, we design a balanced meal plan that you can adjust based on your individual needs.

Question 2: Can I still enjoy the foods that I love and lose weight?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to enjoy the foods you love and still lose weight. The key to successful weight loss is moderation, portion control, and finding a sustainable balance between your favorite foods and healthier options. This is where we help you with strategies to help you achieve this.

Question 3: Difference between diet and nutrition?

Answer: Diet generally is prescribed.  So diet could be therapeutic, diet could be regional and communal. Diet could be habitual, diet could be a fad, diet could be habits. And diet also could be a personal choice. 

But when it comes to nutrition,  nutrition underlines the aspect of nourishing every aspect of human beings, not just the body. So nourishing your senses, nourishing your body,  nourishing your organs, nourishing your mind, nourishing your spirit, nourishing your personality and your character. Nutrition helps with repair, restore and rejuvenation.

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