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Ms. Gorsi Zaveri
Clinical Nutritionist/ Lifestyle Therapist 

PG (Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics)/ M.Sc in Clinical Research 

Gorsi is a firm believer that food is more than a conduit of nutrients and  holds the power to shape our well-being with her holistic approaches focusing on the various pillars of lifestyle in an integrated way. 


With a conviction that everyone is unique, Gorsi emphasizes understanding and treating the root cause of ailments for a healthier lifestyle. 


Armed with a background in Clinical Research (Cranfield University, UK), Gorsi has witnessed the impact of medications on physiology and advocates for empowering individuals with the knowledge that every meal is an opportunity for nourishment. With a change in Lifestyle and Dietatary habits will help to REVERSE Dis-Ease


Gorsi's simple mantras revolve around the transformative power of food—choosing the right nourishment, understanding the dual nature of food as both a boon and bane, and enhancing emotional and mental well-being while fostering a connection to spirituality and purpose in our daily lives.


Join Gorsi on a journey to embrace the healing potential of food for a healthier, more meaningful life.

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Question 1: I’m under allopathy treatment. Can I still sign up ?

Answer: Yes, you can. As nutrition program does not disturb your medicines schedule and eating the right food will be an add on to  manage and cure any lifestyle disease.

Question 2: Are there any side effects of herbal supplementation ?

Answer: There are no side effects of herbal supplements as they are 100% natural herbs from plant resources.

Question 3: What is your approach with 9 to 5pm / office / college clients?

Answer: We share easy yet nutritional recipes appropriate for carrying to work / college. We help with planning and educating that makes the journey doable and sustainable.

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