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Sameer Ansari
Professor at (IFBB)(USA)

Celebrity Wellness Coach

Mr. Sameer Ansari stands as a versatile figure in the realm of health and fitness, catering to a diverse clientele that spans across the healthy population, individuals with controlled medical conditions, young sports athletes, long-distance runners, state and national level athletes, older adults, and children. 


As a beacon of guidance, he is dedicated to shaping healthy lifestyles, offering personalized motivation and mentoring to keep clients on the path to wellness.


As a Professor at GOLD'S GYM UNIVERSITY, India, Mr. Ansari plays a pivotal role in educating trainers nationwide through lectures, orientations, and seminars. With a notable tenure at the Asian Heart Institute, he has developed and implemented exercise programs for post-cardiac surgery patients, showcasing his commitment to holistic health.


Heading the Health & Fitness campaign for the Mumbai Police (Government of India), Mr. Ansari provides comprehensive guidance and training to maintain health and fitness amid long working hours and duty stress. 


His forte lies in developing and implementing highly effective specialized conditioning programs for specific sports, exemplified by his work with cricket players from the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) and state and national-level basketball players.


Question 1: How do your weight training methods differ when working with celebrities compared to your other clients?

Answer: While the fundamentals of weight training remain consistent, with celebrities, there's often a focus on specific muscle groups for aesthetic purposes or to prepare for roles. The training may involve a combination of strength training, hypertrophy-focused exercises, and sculpting routine.

Question 2: How do you ensure safety and proper form during weight training sessions, especially given the potential for injuries?

Answer: Safety is paramount. I start clients with a thorough assessment to gauge their fitness level and any potential limitations. Focusing on proper form, providing clear instructions, and progressively increasing intensity, all of which contribute to injury prevention.

Question 3: How do you address concerns about bulking up versus toning for clients who may be worried about specific aesthetic goals?

Answer: I tailor the training to align with their aesthetic preferences. Whether it's toning, sculpting, or building muscle, the focus is on achieving a balanced and proportionate physique that meets their individual goals.

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