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Dr. Zenab Damaniya
Bariatric Physician, Obesity & Skin Consultant


Dr. Zenab is a Life coach and motivational speaker who holds multiple specialty degrees.


  • Bariatric physician, Obesity and Skin consultant 

  • Degree in Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine & Surgery (MUHS)

  • Certified in Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Certified in Skin & Venereal diseases

  • Post graduate diploma in Clinical Cosmetology (Germany) 

  • Certified in Child Health care

  • Member of World Antiaging Medicine & Research society. 

Expert in treating Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, HypoThyroidism, PCOD, Skin problems (acne, pigmentation, antiaging & skin glow treatment), Acidity, Immune system, Digestive disorder, Female Infertility.

Treated more than 5000+ patients from India and across the globe

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Question 1: Can you explain the connection between obesity and skin concerns?

Answer: Obesity can contribute to various skin issues due to increased friction and stretching. Addressing weight loss and skin health together is crucial for comprehensive care.

Question 2: How do you guide patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-bariatric surgery?

Answer: Post-surgery, lifestyle adjustments are key. I provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being for sustained success. 

Question 3: What advice do you have for individuals hesitant to seek professional help for obesity?

Answer: Taking the first step is crucial. I emphasize the supportive nature of my practice and the positive impact professional guidance can have on their weight loss journey

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