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Dr. Vivek Daga
Homeopath and Bach Flower Therapist


Dr Vivek Daga is a renowned Homeopathy practitioner educated from Pune's reputed College (D.S.H.M.C) under MUHS. 


Dr Vivek Daga has inherited the treasured knowledge of traditional homeopathy from his father and grandfather and has fused this knowledge with modern and advanced homeopathy.


He is the 3rd Generation of Homeopathy Practitioner. This translates into a family history of more than 80 years while practicing homeopathy.


His expertise is in treating various types of ailments and has a cumulative experience of more than 12 years in the Homeopathic practice with extensive experience of practice in rural areas of Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.

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Question 1: Can you explain the basic principles of homeopathy for someone new to the practice?

Answer: Homeopathy follows the "like cures like" principle, using highly diluted substances to stimulate the body's healing response. It considers the individual's unique symptoms and constitutional characteristics.

Question 2: In what situations do you commonly recommend Bach flower remedies, and how do they support emotional well-being?

Answer: Bach flower remedies are beneficial for emotional imbalances, stress, anxiety, and mood issues. Tailored to individual emotions, they work synergistically with homeopathy to address mental and emotional aspects of health.

Question 3: How do you approach treating chronic conditions with homeopathy, and what role do Bach flower remedies play in this context?

Answer: Homeopathy excels in chronic conditions by addressing the underlying causes. Bach flower remedies complement this approach by harmonizing emotions, contributing to a holistic healing process over time.

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