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Dr. Onkar Bilgi
Ayurvedic Doctor

M.D. Ayurveda & Nutrition

Dr. Onkar Bilgi, a distinguished Ayurvedic Doctor, seamlessly integrates timeless Ayurvedic principles into his practice, not only alleviating ailments but also enhancing sports performance through personalized consultations, specific herbs, and oil-based body treatments. 


Based in New Mumbai, India, his clientele includes a prestigious list of celebrities, industrialists, and renowned personalities who seek his expertise.


Dr. Bilgi is not only a practitioner but also an advocate for rediscovering the ancient science of food and culinary practices for optimal lifestyle. 


In the realm of Medi spa, his treatments uniquely blend ancient healing methods with modern aesthetics.


A dedicated explorer, Dr. Onkar Bilgi frequently travels to different parts of the USA and Hong Kong, delving into various aspects of life sciences. 


His emphasis lies in disease prevention through lifestyle management, guiding individuals to transition from sub-health to complete health by applying the profound wisdom of Ayurveda and nutrition.


Question 1: How would you explain Ayurveda to someone who is new to it?

Answer: Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that originated in ancient India. Its emphasis is on balance in the body and mind through personalized lifestyle, diet, and herbal remedies based on your unique constitution, or "dosha."

Question 2: What role does diet play in Ayurveda, and how do you determine the most suitable diet for an individual?

Answer: Diet is fundamental in Ayurveda. We assess your dosha, current imbalances, and any specific health concerns to tailor a diet that promotes balance and addresses your unique needs.

Question 3: Can Ayurveda be integrated with other forms of medicine or healthcare?

Answer: Ayurveda can complement other healthcare approaches. It is important to communicate openly about any ongoing treatments or medications to ensure a holistic and co-ordinated approach to your well-being.

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