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Syadvada by Dr. Mickey Mehta

16 May 2023

Perhaps you are right, perhaps I'm right, perhaps someone else is right, who is to say who's right, we all could be wrong we all could be right.

In the world of materialism, in the material manifested world, the world of matter, there is no absolute right or absolute wrong. All is a matter of perspective, all is a matter of drishtikon . It is said by Mahavira in his philosophy of Shyad Vaad, a philosophy of perhaps, it is a brilliant deep insight a profound wisdom which says, that everything is maybe, everything is perhaps, everything is could be, nothing is absolute because all world of matter has perspectives and every perspective has to be respected. When one accepts every perspective and respects every other perspective, the wisdom of that human grows, not only wisdom, humility grows, with wisdom sweekriti, acceptance and humility. A human's deepest profundity comes to fore and becomes an acceptable respectable regarded human honourable human himself.

Sweekriti acceptance Initialised,

Humbleness, Humility optimised,

every perspective Mickeymized !!!

Published in Speaking Tree

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