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24 Jan 2023

Serious? Lol – LIGHT OF LIFE – is the new Lol !

Serious? Lol – LIGHT OF LIFE – is the new Lol !

If psychotherapy sounds serious, should we simply address it as natural mind medicine. Yes of course the word therapy also creates a distance between the subject and the therapy provider. This whole world is lost and confused with definitions and labels, and to also add to the complexities are graphs and tables.

Although Psychotherapy is a general term for treating mind relates issues by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health solution providers… lets simply understand that it is no big deal as every human mind on this earth tends to be disturbed, disoriented, sometime or the other with ups and downs of life, so yes of course we all need natural mind medicine and we've all heard about the benefits of meditation, but have actually never sat down to endeavor towards this beautiful art of living.

During these so-called therapies, we learn more about our condition, moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. What makes us tick? What makes us react and respond? And what makes us rise high or deep dive into the lows.

Natural Mind medicine helps to regulate our behavioral patterns, take leadership of our lives and understand to respond and act responsibly towards challenging situations with the skills and creative practical approach of coping with anomalies of life.


There are many types of therapies, each with its own approach. The type of therapy that's right for you depends on individual comfort zone leveling up to, or gradually overcoming mental blocks and behavior resistance in a rehabilitative pattern. Therapies are also known as venting -counseling, psycho-socio therapy, or simply-colors-dance-draw-sand-- walk-breath–sing–paint–p- ray–mediate therapy and so on and on.

Natural mind medicine eliminates or modifies troubling symptoms or thoughts which could create resistance, persistence or non existential issues. A person who can truly take responsibility will heal by himself, with nature and by other sensory stimulations.

Natural mind medicine can be helpful in treating most mental health imbalance, including:

●Anxiety disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, panic disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

●Mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder

●Addictions, such as alcoholism, drug dependence, or compulsive gambling

●Eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia

●Personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder or dependent personality disorder

●Schizophrenia or other disorders that cause detachment from reality (psychotic disorders)

Therapies- are not always a diagnosed resulting into mental illness. Regular therapies can reduce innumerable mental issues and conflicts happening in and around us.

Breath work in rhythm and in flow done many times a day in full awareness for extended periods can help you relive:


2-Cope with disruption

3-Increase abilities to manage unhealthy reaction

4-Come to terms with all challenges

5-And help you recover from mental physical emotion abuses

The therapies that work the most are dance-sing-workout-sleep. Then wake up to solutions, resolves, confidence, self-esteem and self convictions.

In many cases, natural mind medicine helps you wean off psychiatric medicines. However, it has to be done under the supervision of therapists with the confidence of psychiatrist by your side.

Every psychotherapist and psychiatrist is your well wisher and would want you to be free of medicines as per your increasing capabilities of BEING INDEPENDENT – BEING IN CHARGE –BEING STABLE AND COMPLETELTY ABLE.

With natural mind medicine both sides of your brains function in tandem, with optimum neural firing and building maximum synaptic connections.

Everyone is in a chase, running constantly pulling and pushing life, where one's schedules are going haywire, demands are much more than one can deliver, and each day we are trying to juggle as well as balance life which results in stress.

The whole idea is to slow down, stop, pause, and reorient! Take life from DIS-ORDER TO ORDER, DIS-EASE TO EASE, and DIS-COMFORT TO COMFORT.

When all this pulling, pushing, chasing, living in a circle takes place, the whole idea is to move from the circle to the center (your inner being). In the center is pause, reset, reorient, reorganize and re orchestrate.

One doesn’t need anything, just start with shutting your eyes, this saves energy immediately, as 70-80% of physical expenditure of energy goes through eyes holding the ocular muscles wide open, so shut your eyes

And conserve the energy, there is a sudden shift of awareness with breathing falling into rhythm. From staggered it becomes regulated, from scattered it gets into a flow. Rhythm flow once established your mind calms down into a state of equanimity.

When the brain functions begin to align, the racing mind becomes slow; this is the time when the stress is released. Complexities give way to clarity. Confusions give way to vision. Anxieties give way for confidence.

Effortless and quick ways to relax;

➢Splash or keep your face in running water for a while till everything cools down and your eyes are relaxed, just pat dry, and then breathe.

➢Just sit quietly, sip warm water/herbal tea, herbal teas may work to

lift your mood and fight the physical symptoms of depression and also relieve stress, or simply do nothing and keep your eyes shut, sit and watch your breath as you inhale and exhale. Being aware of every breath that goes in and out naturally brings your mind in here-now. When the mind comes in here-now, there is the stability of mind; there is the ability of the mind, ability to function in harmony. From stress and strain to harmony, the fragmented pieces of the mind become one piece, the mind becomes one and comes in the state of oneness, and thus well-being and peace occur.

➢Step out of the four walls, take a walk, a slow walk, walk up/down

the stairs. A good walk can do wonders for your mental

well-being. It improves self-perception, self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Go to the closest tree; suck in oxygen from it, touch it/hug it. They help reduce the physiological effects of stress on the body. Simply sitting and looking at trees reduces blood pressure levels as well as the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

➢Go somewhere out in the sun and be in the light, sit or stand and

feel the wind that is touching you(wind bath), be aware

➢The aromatherapy treatment is a natural way of healing one’s mind, body and soul. Olfactory stimulation through fragrance inhalation exerts various psycho physiological effects on human beings. It helps lower stress levels and improves overall mental outlook.

➢Pick up the phone and speak with your friends, family, and loved

ones. Laugh it out. Talking leads to catharsis, which means a feeling of relief. Feel good conversations trigger higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and other biochemicals that give us a sense of well-being.

➢If you are at home and stressed out, simply sit down under the

shower, shut your eyes, allow your breath to calm down, get regularized or take a bucket with warm water, put some sea salt which will remove all the physical exertion , sweating it out after a hot water bath releases toxins. Taking a hot bath can be a glorious act of self-care. A bath can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of your body responsible for relaxation. A warm bath helps strengthen and adjust the circadian rhythms, which affect every organ, including the brain. Even when biological toxins are released, stress is released. Even when

m u s c l e tension is released, stress is released making you feel better.

➢Lie down in Shavasana(corpse pose)also known as the posture of

relief, for dissolving into gravity , start inhaling and exhaling thereafter, start from your toes all the way up, and imagine breathing out tensions, in 5-7 mins you will feel light like a feather. The breath relaxes as more and more physical tensions and psychological stress is released. It helps cool the mind and reduce disharmony which could also result in relieve in headaches dissipating fatigue and warding off anxieties.

➢Chanting, modulates voice and breath; can decrease imbalances and depressive symptoms, as well as increase cheer in the mood, relaxing oneself and be focused and attentive.

➢Humming is one of the simplest and yet most profound sounds we

can make, within ourselves and it is a self-soothing sound: it affects us on a physical level, reducing stress, inducing calmness, and enhancing sleep as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure, producing powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin and endorphins.

➢Lastly, go and seek the company of good people or get away from

everybody, be alone and quiet, get your peace and solace.

Do you think problems get solved with this? Certainly not, But the propensity to see the problem in a different light, different perspectives, and the potential to deal and cope with them increases, which results in self-confidence, self-conviction,

self-reliance and a positive approach to life and skills.


With natural mind medicine stress gets neutralized, creativity gets optimized & life gets Mickeymized!!!

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