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Kill Cancer

15 Feb 2023

Yoga can play a vital role in cancer.

Optimal movement therapy at sub-maximal level is a must. Exercise to help the lymphatic system move the toxins out of the body. Different types of creative movements without punishing or torturing yourself – ones where you stretch, contract and rotate give rise to immune globulins in your body, which once again shield you from diseases and help you to recover from weakness and regain strength after a bout of cancer.

Do exercise that is accurately specific to your constitution, energy, and ability. This will help in increasing the blood circulation, boost your immunity. And as your digestion improves, your toxin elimination will also get better. Most importantly, with an increase in blood circulation and oxygenation, your endocrine system will function well there will be release of happy hormones specially-endorphins.

Breathing- exercise like Nadi-shodhan, Brahmari, Om chanting. Meditation and Mantra chanting cultures your mind and works at cellular regeneration level.

In Sanskrit, the grace of taking responsibility is called ‘Sweekriti’. It is the doorway of finding solutions; primarily, creative solutions.

Remember, stress is nothing but the absence of the imaginative and creative thinking process. So, let's incorporate the imaginative and creative thinking process and find interesting solutions for the same.

Here are some of the things that will help you to get energized, naturalized, making your psychological and emotional toxins neutralized, and get Mickeymized: First, soak in the sunlight for serotonin and a great supplement of rays. Listen to the music for oxytocin.

Emotionally and Psychologically uplift yourself with slow and deep inhalations and exhalations. Rhythmic breathing pattern helps in prevention as well as recovery. Our inner oxygenation itself is capable of giving rise to immunity and making it work for us by helping to fight diseases that proliferate, and combating them further.

Published in Speaking Tree

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