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Grow Tall in Stature

15 Feb 2023

The adolescent age is one of the most challenging years of the growing up phase.

The adolescent age is one of the most challenging years of the growing up phase. Owing to a spurt of hormonal changes, the teenagers are very conscious about their looks and physique.

Always struggling to cope up with their appearances, and a croaky voice transition, apart from their ever oscillating mood swings, these kids are constantly in the mind-frame to look their best,

but their busy schedules with school and tuition gives them very little time for themselves. Sitting for long hours and spending time interacting on social media has become a way of life for these teens, as a result of which they put on a lot of weight. Hormonal imbalance in children is another growing concern these days. Lack of proper sleep and nutrition, inactivity, love of junk food, constant stress and most importantly ‘LACK OF FOCUSED ACTIVITY AS AN EXERCISE’ is instrumental in affecting teenagers’ health.

Considering teens are the future of our nation, they need to be active from now on so that our nation becomes healthier. Exercise plays a vital role in teenagers' life. They should have more meaningful friendships and relationships, where there is fun, intellect, learning and celebration altogether, not just on the digital platform. They need to go out, play and exercise in the open spaces. By exercising, blood flows seamlessly into the body and the heart remains healthy. Children must also learn to care, share and uplift other children who lag behind them.

Childhood is an opportunity to seed prevention of diseases, build invincible immunity, push growth hormones, increase the faculties and develop wholeness of one's mind, body and spirit. Right from their adolescent age, teenagers can indulge in doing light cardio exercises to enhance their personalities, apart from doing physical and sports activities. Sports and yoga enable teenagers to remain fit and avoid getting any lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and other health ailments. Exercises even maintain a healthy equilibrium of mental and emotional wellbeing and tend to keep the teens calm. Regular exercise improves blood circulation, keeps weight under control, boosts energy levels and helps manage stress. Apart from exercises, children should be taught the importance of virtues such as sympathy, empathy, compassion and sensitivity to bring joy in their world.

At Dr. Mickey Mehta’s 360° Holistic Health Healing Centre, we provide a comprehensive programme that’s specially curated to keep the teenagers fit and healthy to enable them to evolve into thorough-bred human beings and future leaders, champions and heroes.

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