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24 Jan 2023

Ego constricts, restricts. Humility allows free flow towards ease. Thanking someone, expressing gratitude is a big release.

Ego constricts, restricts. Humility allows free flow towards ease. Thanking someone, expressing gratitude is a big release. It’s a virtue of acceptance of grace of life, with such act of empathy, grace and compassion. Our breath becomes rhythmic from erratic, we get into a flow in expanded awareness we circulate easily, freely, unconstricted, unrestricted, thus unhibited. When this happens there is a state of equanimity, a feeling of joy within, contentment that brings up emotional surge of buoyancy, a feel good factor with mental peace.

How does this happens? In our day to day life we move through situations and circumstances. There are many situations and circumstances which bring happiness, some kind of contentment, some kind of great satisfaction. Now whenever we experience such situations and circumstances it should become our natural response to immediately pause and be grateful to the whole universe for conspiring to bring those situations and circumstances and make your happiness and satisfaction possible and your fulfillment a reality. Each time you pause to do that your strain your stress from other situations and circumstances also get released.

Let me explain, how this happens, biomechanically and biochemistry wise. So when you stop from running around only to pause in life your heartbeat comes to normal from staggered and it gets composed and comes back into rhythm, when your heartbeat comes back to rhythm and a feel good factor of expansion of awareness with gratitude flows out with empathy and compassion, literally your feel good hormones – like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are released. When these feel good factors are released there is a state of emotional and psychological harmony.

Biomechanically also Bio-electricity wise, when your heart beat comes into rhythm your whole orchestration of your being of your musculoskeletal structure of your endocrine system, of your digestive system, your sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system they all get harmonized. And when they all get harmonized, once again our state of mind what we call equanimity, equilibrium gives rise to something called homeostasis and homeostasis gives rise to psychological and emotional soundness.

One small example, that when we appreciate people they connect with you. Once you appreciate with gratitude, they align with you. Wherever there is appreciation and gratitude you create a magnetic field, for people to flow towards you and abundance keeps growing. A simple example of your relationship with your boss or your relationship with the bread earner of your family, the more you appreciate in the gratitude the more you align for the grace to flow.

There have been many inspiring stories almost in all religious texts. Whenever any soul in graceful acceptance of toughest situations have sought divine intervention grace and mercy have been experienced through spontaneous miracles. That’s the power of the divine, and the eternity and any kind of god or diety that you may connect with appreciation and gratitude. All the above makes you a magnetic field to attract more and more flow of abundance towards you, more and more blessings showered upon you and a perpetual flow of bounties of life becomes your everyday experience. All you need to do is open up and express gratitude and connect the universal flow to enter your life. This is the reason why we see most people super content, super fulfilled and in harmony with the absolute.

Gratitude Initialized…Miracles Mickeymized!!!

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