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16 May 2023

Certain philosophies, from time to time, haven't made a strong impact on mankind is only because every philosophy was propagated as the only philosophy, as the absolute philosophy, that's the only way.

Whosoever propogated the philosophy and who so ever took it further, should know, that Mahaveer had given a wonderful philosophy to mankind which is called Syādvāda, maybe perhaps, because nothing in the material realm or the realm of chitta of our intellect, nothing is absolute.

Everything is relative.

This relativeness, if once understood and accepted in sweekriti, in samarpan, one can get santulit in santulan.

Then one will get samarthan and become samartha, become saksham and then will have sankalpa and sankalpa will give rise to siddhi and siddhi will give rise to samruddhi and your own srishti.

If one follows the path of acceptance, sweekriti and relevance and reverence to all, then every philosophy will not become an opposite philosophy, rather will become a symphony and harmony and as a part of the whole, the whole darshan shashtra, the tark and vitark, the argument, logic and vitark, vishesh, deliberation, will all become a part of whole and illuminate our minds, our hearts and our souls.

Acceptance, sweekriti maximized... Relativity, maybeness, perhapsness, optimized... Life and every philosophy, gets Mickeymized!

Published in Speaking Tree

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