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Fraternize for Friendship

15 Feb 2023

The importance of friends in life is the most significant to every life’s success story.

The importance of friends in life is the most significant to every life’s success story. No single individual can be happy fulfilled without well wishers and the beloved around. We don't choose our families, they come to us by default but friends right from the time we go to kindergarten school, then we go to secondary school, then we go to college, then we do internships and we get on jobs so we carry friend circles from the point of the first contact in kindergarten or pre primary school upwards till date. Each circle of friendship has a different value to it. Each circle of friendship brings a different kind of happiness joy and has a character to it. Friends generally are there weather you need them or not. The old saying - goes like this "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Friends normally when they sense something wrong with their beloved friends they don't even wait for a friend to reach out, they reach out to them. Friendships across the world and history say, that people have sworn by various kinds of friendships. Some famous friendships that - Krishna & Sudama, Karna & Duryodhana, Thomas Edison & Henry Ford, Ella Fitzgerald & Marilyn Monroe or Jesus with Mary, Martha & Lazarus. You don't have to take appointments from friends to call, message or show up, friends are 24*7 / 365 and to life eternity and perpetuity.

I have known people who come alive most not as much with family but more with friends, because friends become family and friends ought to become family and ought to become a part of your life and you could be as close or more than your brothers and sisters and much more than that. Friends bring happiness, health, friends can help you alleviate your depression, anxieties, fear's, phobia's, they can give you confidence. Friends can be your great healers. Friends can be your great confidence. You can empty your whole emotional and psychological self with any and every friend. Emptying your self is an opportunity to feel light again and the reflections of the friends are good enough to bring hope again and to show you a direction again.

Friendship specialized...forever get Mickeymized!!!

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