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Faith above is nothing but faithwithin

15 May 2023

Faith above is nothing but faith within.

Faith above is nothing but faith within.

Faith in God's and heavens is actually faith deep inside you, in your own self.

Because your own self in its true nature, isn't different or disconnected or disjointed from the eternity and divinity around us. This whole oneness is is what we called God as:

God is the embodiment of this integration.

God is the epicenter of this integration.

And God also is the epitome of this integration.

One can become that oneself by silencing oneself, by deep diving within into the darkest dungeons of your being and you will find light of that unity, that cosmic unity, that universal unity, that unison, what we call huge, the essence, the flavour of Samadhi. The multi dimensional becomes one whole.

So faith within is faith above. Self confidence, atma vishwas, manobal, atmabal, antrik jagruti, chaitanya bhaav, saijagkta, bodh, gyaan, vivek.

Inner Faith Optimized, Outer faith initialized, Get Mickeymized!

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