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Energize with Elements

15 Feb 2023

Thankfully in India, sun shines throughout the year.

Thankfully in India, sun shines throughout the year. Even in winter, although it’s not intense, we still do have the sun in the morning hours.The opportunity is that in the winter times, we go outdoors. When you go outdoors more in the winter time, wear your woollies, feel comfortable and experience the fresh cool air. The coldness in the weather literally uplifts the mood. Of course, it should not be uncomfortably cold. Walking outside, stretching outside, trekking outside, running outside, cycling outside, stretching outside, even doing yoga or functional training and calisthenics, whatever you choose, it is fun. Fun which is recreational and full of health and healing. Why I say health and healing? It’s because wholeness, elements, stimulation. Literally engaging with the elements - birds, bees, trees, sky, grass, greens, if at all you are vacationing or are by the sea, river, lakes, mountains, coastal areas, enjoy that. Or even the parks and gardens, they are your opportunity. Make sure that you don’t rush into your morning wellness or fitness activity. It is ought to be done very easy, relaxed and it should have recreational value.

Also, do not compromise on your sleep. Make sure you sleep early and very well, have dinners early and do your fitness outdoors. Outdoor fitness literally transforms the landscape of your psychological and your emotional well-being.

Should you do a combination of functional training and yoga, or functional training and calisthenics, instead of doing routines and drills, you should rather go with the flow and imagination and create exercise for yourself which will help you get an exhilarating feel.

After having done compound warm ups, you can do lunge walks, side-walks with jacks, PT drills which we did in school, then get into yoga postures in poetry. Of course, jumping jacks, burpees, spot jogging, bouncing, and doing dhanurasana, naukasana, ultnaukasana, tadasana, pavanmuktasana, veer bhadrasana – all these exercises will help stimulate your endocrine, your digestive system, your organs function, cleansing, regulating and fortifying them, and mostly strengthening your core and confidence. Recreational value, circulation value, oxygenation value, cellular regeneration, improving your digestion, increasing your psychological and emotional make up and your basic overall confidence, conviction, foresight, insight, intuition with freshness of the outdoors.

Being outdoors and exercising out helps us to mingle with the cosmic elements.

The invisible in elements in matter are the energy givers. They create energy and they trigger the energy responses.

Sun which is the source of light and heat is very important for our survival. The heat of the sun generates a lot of energy in human beings. If we consume a lot of sunlight in the morning, we become light as a feeling. Exposure of the uncovered body to the morning sun acts as an all-round general tonic and accelerates the metabolism. Sunlight switches off the melatonin production and makes you feel awake, alive, alert and ready to take on the new day. It helps with Vitamin D absorption which in turn when supported by other minerals, helps in better functioning of the body.

Fresh Air is also an important factor for survival. If we consume a lot of air, oxygen and ether, we get a lot of vitality, the urja, the prana. Deep breathing liberates a lot of energy in human beings. We take in air through our nose into the lungs. This atmospheric air that we breathe in has a life giving substance – oxygen. The air comes into close contact with blood in the lungs and purifies it. Prana is the flow of energy from which all other forms of energy emerge. All functions of the body are governed by the Prana – walking, talking, thinking, respiration, pumping of the heart, excretion of the wastes, manufacturing of the gastric juices, saliva, etc. The more prana we take in the better will be our health. Therefore, exercising out in the open under the sun and with fresh air are very beneficial factors.

Water also stimulates energy in human beings. Notice that after a long tiring day, when you come back and take a hot shower and thereafter, you cool yourself down, you feel refreshed and your batteries are charged for some more time.

Connecting with the earth element where we get immersed and get connected with Gravity. It makes us humble and connects us with Mother earth. If we consume a lot of earth; a lot of healthy healing foods, we become very earthy, humble.

Try doing balasan and putting your forehead on the earth. Let gravity take away all the stress, all the exhaustion. To compliment that, lie down and do shavasana for fifteen minutes and do relaxed slow breathing. Allow the gravity to absorb all the stress from the muscular skeletal system. When the earth element is balanced, you feel stable, safe, grounded, and unwavering. You are at peace with life, with all its colours. Exercising barefoot on the grass is very good for overall balance.

Food nourishes the body. And when food is grown organically with the natural elements like sun, air and water, food can give us the energy and power to be well nourished. Hence, we say that Food is Life. Have a spoon of organic honey or ½ fist of raisins, or figs, couple of dates, or grapes, chikoos, bananas, custard apple – a small portion of fruit and your mental emotional fabric will completely transform into being completely joyful. And thus, you will have a lot of energy, motivation and inspiration to do a lot of work ahead.

The more you mingle with the elements, the more you get energized, the more you get immunized, more longevity happens to you, more stability happens to you, co-ordination happens to you and most importantly overall holistic wellness happens to you.

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