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Creativity In Crisis

24 Jan 2023

Creativity in crisis is a great subject to speak on, especially in this era because this pandemic is perceived as the biggest crisis.

Creativity in crisis is a great subject to speak on, especially in this era because this pandemic is perceived as the biggest crisis.

Crisis is also considered as an opportunity to create, because in crisis we need solutions. We need solutions to tide over crisis, but the solutions should not come out of desperation, aggression, violence or knee jerk reactions.

The best solutions should come out of a well thought, a well collected and a well composed mind. A composed integrated mind which is not in pieces and not fragmented…which is put together and which is in peace, one piece.

Being in peace there is clarity, because there’s clarity there will be a vision, because there will be vision there will be solutions available to you. Sometimes things are close to us and we cannot see them, because our vision and our mind are constricted, and we are in panic mode. Panic mode literally constricts our thinking and thus it restricts the thought process.

The body goes into fight flight mode. It is validated scientifically that your belief can change your biology, faith can change your physiology and regulated breathing and with a meditative mind can transform your psychology. If there is an absolute confidence in yourself, there will be capabilities to bring solutions for all problems and you will always be optimistic and creative in nature.

So life is not about being positive or negative, life is about being centered, if you are centered, you will be optimistic and in optimism there will be creativity.

Caterpillar goes under a process called chromosomal combustion. And chromosomal combustion is a challenge, and champions are born out of challenges. Creativity can be applied, if you have self-motivation, if you are self-inspired, self-confidant and have self-conviction. Then creativity will make you avoid catastrophe and sail you through amidst oceans, turbulent oceans, roaring rivers and whirlpools of life. You will be able to step out cool, calm, collected and clean.

The principles of yoga which are also made available in the asanas, postures and poetry…lead you to the confluence of energies. Free flow of energies which are complimenting in nature and not contradicting and not conflicting too. So creativity comes out of harmonizing factors.

When you are in harmony, there is always an opportunity for creativity to flow out in crisis. When there is a pre frontal cortex consonance with the people you are working with, connected with, or related too. Everything comes together and falls in place, should you be well connected. But make everyone collaborate and participate. It’s not that an individual cannot resolve problems, but where there is a participation there is harmony. CREATIVITY IS BORN.

Alone one can be powerful but together we become a force.

But remember Creativity comes out in the most relaxed state of being.

You don’t have to push creativity out; it comes in the most relaxed state. Confluence of energy, congruence of mind and resonance of our hearts can navigate you on the path of super creativity. It just that we harmonize with the electromagnetic field and with the frequencies of the various vibrating energies around us.

This gives rise to consciousness and super consciousness. And both are the birth place of creativity.

Humans have created fire, wheel, poetry, music, art, culture and the list can go on, because we are detached from the animal instinct and evolving higher with consciousness.

Crisis is like an ocean which is constantly in waves and turbulence. Creativity is like a surfer gliding on the ocean in tune.

So if you want to be creative, then take a break ,listen to music, take an air bath , take a sun bath, take breath for breakfast have breath for lunch , breath for dinner, and see your creative juices come out.

In life take a break, eat a cake, pause, appreciate and applause, sing, dance, trance and literally make love with this universe. Or simply meditate, cool down and chill.


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