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Health Benefits of Half-Moon Yoga posture

Health Benefits of Half-Moon Yoga posture

The push and pulls of life stretch people to sit for late hours at work, till the moon rises. Long hours of sitting continuously lead to tight gluteus, quads, and hamstrings muscles. Ardha chandrasana or what we call the Half Moon pose is a perfect posture for those.

As much the sun is fiery and all about passion and high octane energy, moon on the opposite side is cooling, calming and very creative in nature. Ardha Chandrasana as the name says particularly this posture brings in serenity, and tranquility to the moon. It brings the shine and hue of light from within. Lunar energy helps you develop empathy, compassion, creativity, and connect with hearts. Talents are the sign of representation of moon subtleties, grace.

As every other asana is about geometry our inner geometry in congruence with the geometry of outside world the Universe. This also needs to be perfect in terms of symmetry. So when it comes to angles just make sure that deep relaxation in your body and mind and attaining to right posture with right alignment of your palms to shoulders and hands above, the leg which is down be completely stable and deeply anchored for you to get anchored in your own self as well. The composite feeling of getting anchored and that of flying of this posture is the beauty of Ardha Chandrasana.

It’s a standing and a challenging posture.

Like the moon goes through phases to reach the full moon. To achieve the perfect posture we also need to practice preparatory postures. Make sure your sensibilities, your senses and your awareness are all conjured up together and with absolute grace and softness of being you hold this posture and don’t use aggression anywhere, because aggression doesn’t allow you to balance, it will tip the balance. It may also cause injuries. So, one need to warm up well before getting into the actual pose. You can do compound movements or any individual muscle group movements for warm-ups with gentle breathe in and out, stretch every body part especially your shoulders, back, lower back, gluteus, hamstrings which are going to play in this posture.

How to do:

Stand with Legs apart, Bend in Trikonasana, Breathe in slowly raise your leg up and try to balance on one foot and one arm. Try holding as much as comfortable. Repeat on another side. Focusing your attention in the upward movement of the hand and the alignment, being perpendicular to the ground is so important that leads to stability of the mind which we call it as “Sthirtha” in Yoga.

The benefits of this pose would be:

1) Strengthening core muscles: Strengthening your core muscles translates into strengthening confidence.

2) Improves Body Balance: Practicing it on both sides keeps you well co-ordinate and deeply anchored into your being and mentally stable. Ardha Chandrasana in particular also helps you to bring equanimity to fore, calmness, and serenity, once again Chandra representing the moon is all about coolness being collected, getting integrated and balanced.

3) Strengthens your legs: When you strengthen your legs, it helps to maintain your energy throughout the day precisive with clarity.

4) Good Body stretch: Stretching on other hand expands spaces on your own being and helps you move your fluids and air–ether element better. When an air-ether element is stable your movement and mental state also become stable.

5) Cellular regeneration: When done together, all kinds of stretches and bends contract most of our toxins in organs. When we stretch fresh nutrients and oxygen-laden blood gets into our organs. So, rejuvenating our organs and cellular regeneration is very good.

6) Holding postures for an extended time helps us improve concentration, focus, determination, and Sankalp. With Sankalp, we can achieve anything.

All Yoga postures translate into a stable strong, confident personality. People who master Ardha chandrasana are disciplined, they are very focused, determined and most important they are visionary people.

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