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24 Jan 2023

Different people experience the world in different ways. Once we are conscious of the fact that something is happening, we start to notice these experiences.

Different people experience the world in different ways. Once we are conscious of the fact that something is happening, we start to notice these experiences. Once we become conscious of the nature of our experiences we start to observe them in a totally different manner. The first step forward is to make a note of each and every experience as it happens. Observe the feeling that the experience generates. One can do it in simple ways, for example, while sipping your cup of tea, notice the aroma, feel the sensation of the tea touching your lips and then the experience of each gulp trickling down your throat, listening to the chirping of the birds let the feeling of flying envelope you as you soar higher and higher, the same way as you continue to evolve higher and higher on the planes of consciousness, stay with it, listen to your favourite music, visualize the soft musical notes floating in front of your eyes, taking on the shape and structure of your inner being, while travelling feel the air rushing through your hair, allow your heavy attributes like your anger, hatred, jealousy etc; to simply disintegrate into nothingness just as these feelings are replaced by sensations of love, beauty and sublime happiness.

The question arises, why, some people’s experiences go beyond the material interactions and some get stuck in the material nature of those experiences. How does one ever find out the truth? Only way to find out the truth of anything is to turn inward and how does one do that? One needs to get to the center and the only way to do that is to zero in inwards.

Not an easy thing to do, if you ask me, but then if you want to continue to circle the outside edges of consciousness, then look for answers outside. That beautiful state of being one with the universe is known as ‘The Shoonyam’.

This state of ‘Shoonyam’ is where truth is constant, knowledge is not. Truth is what never changes. It is in this state that there is no perception of truth; it is truth just the way it is.

Knowledge grows and changes. Integration and togetherness of oneself happens through the attitude of oneness, through the attitude of wholesomeness.

Gradually one is able to separate the spiritual experience from other routine experiences. As one progresses the experiencer gets fully submerged fusing together the experience and the act of experiencing, together into one complete entity.

For example when one is exercising, don’t do it with the thoughts of the condition of your heart or bother yourself with the thought of how good you will look the next week. When you are exercising, simply exercise. Look at what happens when thoughts inundate the mind while you are exercising, instead of exercising; your mind is more interested in the outcome of the workouts. The quality of the workouts start to suffer as becoming is more important than doing. The journey becomes enjoyable when you are completely immersed in the act, a sort of detachment from the outcome, which allows for a transformation.

We all have experienced being away from the centre, we have been through our moments of extreme anxiety, anger, cravings, which itself tells us that we are far away from our center. When we get to a balanced state of union, a state of being actually happens. It is in this being state that we are responding and not reacting.

Just how does one achieve this state of equanimity (Shoonyamness)? One needs to look at and integrate all aspects of our lives. We need to get in touch with our circadian rhythms, by sleeping at the right hours, exercising everyday, breathing, meditation and introspection. As Osho says, there is no specific way to being, but being is the way. Be in the moment, cut off from everything once in a while and get to your core, your center. Move away from the edges. Experience the state of ‘Shoonyam’.

It is in this state of ‘Shoonyam’ that a pure thought can be manifested into material reality. If one looks at manifestation through the eyes of science, just the intention itself will create an electromagnetic field, which in turn becomes neuropeptides to reform sounds, images and other sensory experiences. It is in this state of being and becoming, that creation really happens, dissolving oneself in the ultimate state of being, the state of ‘Shoonyam’.

When one starts to repeatedly notice such experiences, the quality of the experience is so profound, that every single time one will experience fulfillment with oneness.

Being Initialized....Seeing Internalized...Get Mickeymized!!!

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