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Be Calm, Be Creative.

17 May 2023

If the mind is disturbed, staggered, full of thoughts and intellectual analysis, if your mind is preoccupied with fear, phobias, insecurities, and apprehensions, if your mind is drowned in despair, You can't see any repair in such a state the mind cannot create. If you're calm, cool and collected by just breathing in a regulated way the simplest of all Anulom Vilom. Once your breath gets regulated, Life can get celebrated. Regulated breath can bring back clarity from confusion, regulated breath in rhythm will bring back sight from a foggy mind, and regulated breath will bring faith and make fear disappear.

Creativity comes to the fore when the mind is calm with regulated rhythmic breath. Be calm, Be creative. Creativity with vision, creativity with intuitions, creativity with integration and creativity with celebration and you can constantly keep creating if your mind is calm, your mind is collected at the Shoonyam quotient, in the state of 0 where there is only optimism, there is only joy, only anand, only bliss, life will never miss. Create out of calmness, calmness gives rise to creativity.

Creativity Specialized, Calmness Initialized, Mankind Mickeymized !!!

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