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Stretch Yo 

  • Stretching is generally the most neglected part of most people’s workouts. It helps in opening up of the body, joints, mind leading to a flexible body and flexible mindset. We have to understand that flexibility is one of the key aspects of fitness. 

  • Restoration and maintenance of the length of the muscles is key to attain a balanced posture. Stretching releases stress, precents physical emotional and mental distress, regularises breath and rhythm and drains the impurities . It also increases the orchestration of all the flows in the body like blood circulation, lymphatic fluids, glandular secretions, elimination of toxins and stabilizing the movement of wind in the body. It should not be something that is relegated to the end of the class for only five minutes.

DMM says:

As the body opens up so do does the mind. 

As the body attains flexibility so does the mind.

This malleability brings about a vision of seeing possibilities of every kind.



  1. Ardh Chakrasana (stretch)

  2. Pada hastasana (stretch)

  3. Deep lunge with both arms up (stretch) Tadasana (stretch)

  4. Parsva chakrasana (stretch)

  5. Trikonasana (stretch)

  6. Parivritta trikonasana (stretch)

  7. Natrajasana (stretch)

  8. Paschimottanasana (stretch)

  9. Janu shirshasana (stretch)

  10. Naukasana (stretch)

  11. Uttan mandukasana (stretch)

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