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Strength Yo 

  • Strength YO is the use of muscular contraction against resistance to promote and build muscular skeletal strength, and size of skeletal muscles. 

  • Strength training is based on the principle of overcoming resistance through gradual adaptation. Body creates a metabolic environment through consistency of workouts  thereby  making our bones & muscles  stronger.

  • Strength training should be a definite part of our fitness regime as it primarily works the skeletal muscles, which mobilizes all major movable joints for daily functionalities and physical activities. In order to keep our joints healthy and to avoid early deterioration, it is imperative that the muscles supporting the respective joints are trained and strengthened.

  • Strength YO helps improve joint function, bone density, as well as muscle tendon and ligament strength.

DMM says:

To progress in life the two most important elements are energy and strength.  

Strength YO challenges and improves physical and mental tolerance. It is not about how hard you can hit but how resilient you are.


  1. Mountain 

  2. Plank  

  3. Downward facing dog

  4. Low lunge

  5. High lunge 

  6. Warrior 1-2

  7. Half standing fold

  8. Triangle

  9. Tree

  10. Baby cobra

  11. Locust

  12. Chair

  13. Seated Twist 

  14. Push-ups

  15. Squat

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