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Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Nritya Shastra


Movements in Rhythm and flow can change the state of mind, in times of being upset, disrupted, disturbed… to bringing it back in order from dis-order, from dis-ease to ease , from getting disoriented to being oriented in harmony and rhythm.

Combination of mind, body and soul is movements in flow and rhythm.

Breath work with dance of the body can change the hormonal function of the body, especially in trance, in dance…

Breath work of a dance can also improve immunity.

The music and the movements put together when synchronized with rhythm and flow, one goes inside within and once one internalizes the sense of joy, joy of being, rhythm of the beats of music and its high and low notes creates a kind of spiritual symphony with heightened awareness. And happy hormones with energy hormones begin to dance also...This gives rise to organic unity of the cellular community for immunity of humanity.

Transformation happens to the mind and spirit by listening to sound of music while dancing. Dance addresses your emotions, hurt, pain, depression, it release pain & brings you joy.

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