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Kick with Mick-Self Defence

" If I trash you no offence, it’s my right for self-defence ". 
No more Nirbhayas
No more Priyankas
Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Kick With Mick’ a women empowerment programme
developed by Dr Mickey Mehta, Global leading holistic health guru/corporate
life coach to empower women through self-defence techniques.
Dr. Mehta’s ‘Kick With Mick’ women self defence program is completely
focused on empowering women with realistic self defence skills. Our goal is to
make sure that every women and girl can walk fearlessly in this society and can
protect themselves whenever any unpleasant and dangerous situation arises.
Dr. Mickey Mehta has initiated a national movement with the woman self
defence programme. The women are trained on all aspects of self-defence
; training. To make every woman independent
get them to dare not to get scared but . Bring back the independence to
make them walk on the street at any time.
It is aimed at helping women gain self-esteem, develop confidence and
become strong enough to face challenges and safeguard themselves from
vulnerable environments.

Dr Mickey Mehta’s “ Kick with Mick” self-defence training for women is a
high energy demonstration of self-defence techniques. The supercharged
sessions will urge women to work on their fitness levels and take charge of
their own safety. The training for women includes techniques of using free
hands and free legs to react with presence of mind to escape from violence
and crime.
Women utilise the items usually carried in their handbag - fashion accessories,
umbrellas, water bottle, dupattas, shoes etc as props to protect self.

Additionally, breath control, presence of mind, meditation, chanting, strength
and conditioning training, agility training, training for reflexes and responses
are part of the programme. Women learn to be aware, listen to intuition, and
identify predatory behaviour. They use body language and first defense and
employ verbal de-escalation strategies to escape intelligently.
Dr. Mehta’s ‘Kick With Mick’ programme has a vision to connect with 7 billion
hearts to make wellness their religion no. 1 along with woman empowerment.
The mission is to create a rape free world.
The objective being to start a wellness revolution for human evolution through
woman self defence program Dr. Mickey Mehta’s ‘Kick With Mick’.
Dr. Mickey Mehta says sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself and wake
up every morning with a promise to heal the world.
More women and girls should learn self-defence to ensure a society brimming
with powerful and strong women who can protect themselves.

Be a victor and not a victim. Women Empowerment Optimized, Self-Defence
Maximized, Get Mickeymized !!!

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