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Living with authority is our birth right. The worldly pleasures and seduction of senses make us loose this authority. We get reduced to becoming slaves of our senses. You and me have to constantly struggle seeking freedom from the desires of sensory stimulations. Our life moves into circles in high speed… all we need to do do move from circle to the center. High octane drama unfolds almost every minute from the time we are up, till the moment we drop dead at night with sheer exhaustion and exasperation. Life becomes more and more meaningless sans the purpose. Suddenly we realize that we are worse than animals and that we need to get in tune with our inner and outer universe, and of course with our ecosystem.

Looking out for answers?

Problems are all around us but the solution is right below our nose as in, our inner intelligence. Stopping, pausing and quietening ourselves puts us on the path of restore and repair, so the answers to all our questions is in two ancient subjects introduced in our ancient Indian civilization… and our ancient culture by our rishi munis. They were seers…they were philosophers, poets and scientists all in one.

So Yog and Ved, was born out of such enlightened beings, both these sciences are inter-related, inter connected and need to be integrated for evolution of this universe. To understand in broader terms, both help us cleanse & purify – regulate – fortify! The pressures of life many - many times bring us to a point of collapse due to which there could be paralysis of our regenerative capacity disintegration happens by default.

Yog and Ved both are medicinal with inherent power to change our biochemistry, uplifting our immunity, harmonizing all our systems and functions of our organs.



Yoga is also the connector of the prefrontal cortex creating consonants between all life force in this universe. Lastly, Yoga creates and makes us all one with the limbic resonance of all living and non-living beings. In short Yoga brings about a perfect equilibrium to every practitioner and its environment. It is a principle of integration, refinement of energies and enabling it’s management.The route taken is primarily addressing mind and spirit with meditation, prayers and chanting …and asanas which we flow through postures in poetry for vitalizing our physiology and strengthening our core towards our extremities and of course much more could be written on the same but this is good enough for a brief explanation. The circle of Yoga gets completed with its eight limbs namely - Ashtanga Yoga – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar Dharana, Samadhi…its ok to Google each one of them the best way is to experience it.

Ayurveda is not diametrically opposite but one could say that the essence and the principles of each subject will be realize in each other i.e., YOGVED

Ayurveda is all about how we consume life and our daily discipline which we call dincharya This is all about eating, drinking, sleeping, addressing our digestion primarily and orchestrating all the organs and the secretions and that too constitution specific. Ayurveda is as much about herbs, natural foods and healing with the environment, disciplines of eating etc. It is as much about therapies as well. Panchkarma is suppose to be the mother of all remedies addressing every human, pain suffering and ailments with various oils and herbs, roots and everything available in nature on the body and all orifices of human body. The vibratory frequencies of products of nature bring about the state of rhythm flow, balance and above all harmony. The very essence of all such products of nature make our fragmented being whole again. Healing - Healing all the way Repair restoration lead to efficient regeneration. It too has an inexhaustible volume of knowledge and wisdom and yet I have tried to explain this succinctly.

Look up on the details of the panchkarma therapies. You may not find all the answers but certainly you may find the inspiration and motivation to make Ayurveda an integral part of life.

This world could be lost without Yogved. As Meditation is the biggest gift from yoga to mankind, panchkarma from ayurveda too is the most valuable system for eternal life. Yogved not only helps you navigate but makes you experience multi-dimensional wellness. Yogved puts you in the path of evolutionary transformations. The principles of Yogved are constant thus fundamental to human life especially.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Embrace Yoga and Ayurveda from today and let life be a celebration.

Health Specialized…with Yogved... Get Mickeymized!!!

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