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MONSOONS are over; it’s time to pull out our CYCLES for fun, busting stress, emotional buoyancy, psychological equilibrium and above all to feel the surge of spiritual upliftment.

Cycling under the sky engulfed with sunlight all around, with fresh air brushing you to soothe you and nature at its best with trees, grass, water bodies and birds in the sky… give you an experience of timelessness or should we say thoughtlessness.

Cycling is a sport and modality of fitness which helps build personality, character, and discipline with increased focus which delivers well being.It also adds recreational value to our lives. It has great health attributes which one experiences as we ride more and more.

Through cycling one improves one’s brain activity, reflexes, alertness, responses, coordination and mental stability. Cycling should be done with low intensity, leisurely as a form of fun exercise for all age groups.Cycling with regulated breath gives rise to the happy hormones; endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.This biochemistry comes in play which makes one feel joyful, happy with fun and lightness of being. One learns to be in charge and focus on the movement of life.

Shut your minds; open your hearts. Connect with the rhythm of your heartbeats, each time you pedal with your feet.

Pedalling in circular motions through different speeds, circulation gets better, calorie expenditure improves and also gradually; basal metabolic rate gets regulated towards better health. Staggered and scattered breath and breathing pattern falls in line; heart and lung functions get in sync with our physiology and improves each day.

Strength, stamina, endurance get up-regulated and bring you vibrancy and radiance.

I ‘d like to reiterate that, slow leisure cycling gives one a chance to become one with nature- The trees, the breeze, the birds, the bees and under the vast sunlit infinite sky, cycling gives you a very different high. It certainly enhances our ability to look beyond and think outside of the box which adds creativity to one’s daily living.

Cycling through busy streets or clear wide roads gives you a sense of being in charge and triumph over distractions amidst the chaos. This strengthens your self confidence, makes you resilient and tenacious and on the other hand calms your mind-body-soul.


Taking up a sport refines traits of an individual personality. It helps cultivate determination, culture our bodies, improves focus and concentration of our mind, gives us the grace to accept shortcomings-like defeat and builds strength thereafter to overcome all weaknesses and obstacles. Sports increase the spiritual strength making us stronger to take challenges and bring victory of sorts. Sports also gives rise to correction of characters and makes us more and more able, stable and enhances our will power.


As one ages, new neural pathways and neural coordinates can be formed as we learn more and more new skills and cultivate new talents. Learning with newness translates into young-ness and wellness. One must choose a cycle as per stature, body type or else one’s back may go for a toss. With right alignment of cycle, body and regulated intensity of its exercise - our joints for life will remain well serviced and remain active.

Before cycling, one must perform all appropriate WARM UPs, AGILITY DRILLS and mobilize the back. Post cycling, one MUST DO back strengthening along with other stretching and strengthening YOGASANAS. Together with all the above, cycling can make you successful leader in any walk of life.

Remember always, to WEAR SAFETY GEAR; Helmets, Lights, Reflectors, Elbow- knee pads, gel shorts.

If you have not tried; start now.


Get Naturalized…GET Immunized…Get Mickeymized!!!

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