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The Monumental health code – Vedic wisdom for Millenium Next.

Mind is Medicine

For time immemorial we have been blessed with long lifespans owing to our Vedic inspired lifestyle habits. But over the last few hundred years we humans have deteriorated ourselves into paranoid humanoids and have wreaked absolute havoc on our physical and mental health and wellness in our relentless pursuit of all things money and success. But with the growing awareness and re-discoveries of the treasures of ancient knowledge and wisdom, today’s leading scientists are once again accepting that our ancestors were truly enlightened beings when it came to holistic health and life sciences. The ‘Monu-Mental Health Code’ is created by Dr. Mickey Mehta over three and a half decades of research and study of diverse ancient civilizations and cultural legacies from Vedas to Zen, from Greek to Oriental and from Tao to Tantra. There have been some beautiful common threads of holistic healthcare across these civilizations that span geographies and timelines. This code consists of ten Monu-mental health commandments that will enrich and empower you to lead your life with this ancient wellness wisdom for the next millennium to come! Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Monu-Mental Code :

1. Starting your day with breath for breakfast every morning you need to rejuvenate your body from the overnight staleness to buoyant freshness as you begin a brand new day. The bio-chemical transformation in your body during the night elevates the CO2 levels which need to be reversed; give your body a shot of Oxygen by sitting in the garden or near your window to soak in all the fresh oxygen you can. This must be the first fuel for your body as starting your day with deep breathing exercises for breakfast is the ideal way to jump-start your brain to function optimally throughout the day.

2. Adopting cosmic nutrition to experience the real food for gods as much time spent in raw nature it brings a shift in consciousness, of the rhythm of your heart and the convolutions of your neurons. Cosmic nutrition is nutrition for your mind, body and spirit consumed directly from the vibrant nature around. Soaking up the sunshine just after sunrise helps you infuse prana into your system. This prana or sunshine when absorbed by your pineal gland is when you stop looking and start seeing. Once your vision opens, confusion gives way to clarity across all dimensions of life. Better clarity boosts focus; focus breeds creativity; creativity bolsters excellence across life.

3. Crafting wonder workouts for the body, mind and soul when workouts go beyond physical is when your whole being comes in sync with the cosmic energies. While every physical workout pushes the body to conquer bolder challenges and helps it grow, when one infuses yogic elements into his workout it helps one transcend the body into different dimensions of being. Wonder workouts designed by me, are inspired by Yogic principles that empower you to train your body and mind both to bring in a sense of determination, patience, resilience, tenacity, strength and character to your personality. Wonder workouts are so wonderful because they thrive on the philosophy of ‘Go-Green’ workouts which have a central premise to conserve and preserve; this ideology helps your body to recover over the next 24 hours post workouts; Go Green workouts ask you to plug out of the artificial machines and plug into your heart and the earth.

4. Learning Zen rituals to hone mental faculties and unleashing your mind-power Zen Rituals not only hone your mental faculties but also help you unleash the subconscious mind-power by helping it de-clutter and demolish old mental constructs and limitations. Periodically we need to refresh our faculties by cleaning the slate with meditations; meditation is about emptying the mind, breathing out the emotional baggage, and other anxieties. Using Zen Rituals once you start bringing your awareness to the here and now, you will discover joy, spontaneity and bliss. This is when your mind starts developing a keen foresight and acumen to perceive the extra-sensory perceptions and you evolve into an integrated being. Only an integrated being can unleash the highest potential of your mental power to design and live a life as he chooses to and not just flow with the tide.

5. Using neurotics to perform par excellence Neurobics not only help your brain stay fit, but also keeps your mind alert and functioning sharp at every age. Using sensory and physical stimulus everyday helps you boost the convolutions and firing of neurons at an optimal speed. Exercises using balls, cross trainings, pilates and yoga are brilliant examples of physical stimulus that boost mental acumen. Research has shown that working out in open spaces coupled with short naps during the day not only helps in accelerating the learning process but also to be productive throughout the day. For centuries Indians have performed Surya-namaskars and enjoying its trinity benefits for mind-body-spirit evolution. Some off-beat activities such as cursive writing, playing scrabble, quizzes and dumb-charades are also entertaining and effective neurobic trainers for your mind.

6. Growing out of paranoid humanoid syndrome one needs to grow out of the paranoid humanoid state into the state of faith, of security and of belief. One must accept the holistic power of governing your life and establish sync with nature as the first step. The trees, flowers, grass, birds and animals are the perfect epitomes of nature’s faith in itself; believe that all that is lost shall be restored; all that is broken will be mended; only when you have faith that you will have more, will you grow; but if you don’t-you may lose it all. Remember, even beggars who have faith live like kings; and those kings who lack in it, live like beggars. Fear not, no harm shall come to you with masters of the kingdoms watching over you. It’s only faith that propels the human from being a paranoid humanoid and become humane.

7. Mastering the art of response over reactions mastering the art of response over reactions. We are bio-chemical beings moving around in this body; rooted in instincts but fruited in consciousness. This primal instinct should be used to connect with the earth, connect with the universe, connect with the nature, these basal instincts should be restricted only to that. Beyond this, our consciousness should prevail in our creativity, in our analysis, in our retrospection and our introspection. Living out of consciousness, living out of forgiving, living out of blessings, living out of giving is the secret to mastering responses over reactions while living this life. A person who knows how to share is the only person knows how to grow. As the Zen consciousness says, ‘Until you empty the cup, you will never be able to refill it’. Keep emptying yourself to keep refilling yourself. Share it all to have it all. Give it all to take it all. Part with all to get the whole. In response one is very relaxed, in response one is in faith, in response one is in flow, and in response one is most creative. We have seen the most creative artists creating their best pieces of music, lyrics, poetry, sculpture, painting in the state of response; so if you wish to be a co-creator of your destiny, be in response. Use your mind to design it and use your heart to believe it; this is the way energy works; wherever attention goes energy flows, you put attention into the field, you energize it; and when you put intention into the feel, you transform it.

8. Transforming from dis-ease to ease naturally while human beings are born subject to time, matter, space, life, motion, mass, causation and effect, this brings us to the state of disease as these conditions are challenging. We have to counter this by remaining centered, by remaining calm, by maintaining tranquility. By living in faith you are not getting subjected to polarities of the push and pull of it. Let polarities not conflict and contradict. Let them only compliment in yin and yang. The wholeness only comes when two polarities are domesticated in harmony as no polarity by itself can be creative. The most important element is to bring in ease to polarities in the state of meditation. Sit in padmasan, sukhasan or sidhasan and cross your legs; tune into taking in energy from earth and allow this bountiful energy of mother earth to heal your dis-ease across mind, body and spirit and revive you naturally.

9. Experiencing super sound sleep Super sound sleep in achieved by the body when you allow your body and mind to disconnect from the day; meditating just before sleeping is an effective tool to achieve this dis-connect. As meditation and deep sleep are both natural healers, our conscious mind allows these processes to manifest easily without any interruptions. Our body orchestrates with its innate intelligence and every single cell of the body begins to co-operate in this healing process by eliminating the toxins and repairing the body to perform at optimal levels. Only when your body has had the opportunity to be in this restful state at night, achieved as a result of meditation facilitated sleep, you then wake up in the morning rejuvenated and refreshed to push your body limits for another day.

10. Comatose to Repose-Moving beyond mindfulness to mindlessness in shoonyam meditations Mindful meditation is a paradox. The journey from Mindfulness to Mindlessness is the goal of any meditation. It is achieved by being mindful of the fact that unless the mind is empty and full of awareness you will not be alert, you will not be responsive, and you will only be reactive. So your mind should be empty only to be full of awareness and in that awareness – you create a world of your own. A world of pure joy and bliss of being centred in the neutral which is the shoonyam quotient. Neuroscience shows listening to music has the same effect as meditation; and when you combine the power of chants and meditation it is easier to experience Shoonyamness- the Nirvana of being. The shoonyam meditation helps you neutralize your thoughts, your emotions, your anxiety, your fears your phobias, your insecurity, your resentments and your grudges. Once you are free of these, once you empty your slate and breathe easy, once you are back in rhythm– you are at your creative best – you are at your visionary best – you are at your productive best – You are at your own best – your genes express to their fullest potential. Remember – The genes set you are born with will never be triggered till you trigger them. The power of being in shoonyam is unparalleled for your body, mind and spirit.

This is the code of living a truly monumental life throbbing with physical and mental dexterity for human beings- who must evolve beyond smart efficient machines to invincible wise beings once again. To supplement these, Mickey has devised the following 10 wellness commandments to guide humanity for the Millennium next. Dr. Mickey Mehta's 10 Wellness Commandments :

1. Mickey Mehta says, Live in Mental Ease for a disease-free world.

2. Mickey Mehta says, inspire a Wellness Revolution for a Holistic Human Evolution.

3. Mickey Mehta says, let only wellness be your religion no. 1.

4. Mickey Mehta says, Medicine Cures Nature Heals.

5. Mickey Mehta says, sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself, wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world.

6. Mickey Mehta says, if you want strong biceps, uplift the poor.

7. Mickey Mehta says, if you want strong shoulders, take the responsibility of the underprivileged.

8. Mickey Mehta says, if you want strong legs, be rooted in humility to be better fruited in life.

9. Mickey Mehta says, if you want strong eyes, have a collective vision of peace, prosperity and plenty for this universe.

10. Get Naturalized, get Energized, get Optimized, get Maximized, Get Mickeymized!!!

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