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Not long ago, the planet was inhabited by a species called Homo sapiens. How did this species survive, neither having the raw physical strength to overpower other species, it didn’t have sharp claws or teeth, nor poisonous glands for its protection?

This species had a jelly like floating mass called the brain and this brain was far superior developed to the other species. Making good use of the intelligence provided by this brain, the Homo sapien’s intelligence developed and thought processes grew from simple to complex, complex to complicated and complicated to chaotic.

This is the species known as Homo sapien, which I call Paranoid Humanoid. From ‘having time’ to now, having ‘no time at all’, the Paranoid Humanoid starts the day by being – ALARMED. There is no guarantee whether one has had proper sleep or not, one has to get up and start the day hardly leaving time enough for a good quiet breakfast.

Is it possible that the Paranoid Humanoid be seeking to obliterate the negativity by filling his dissatisfied being with more and more?


An important aspect of our existence is the key bond we share with the people in our lives, but unfortunately this deep level bonding has given way to bondages. As soon as the child emerges from the womb, it is enveloped in a sense of insecurity, caused by the separation and its emerging into the unknown.

The current generation has been accused of not being there for their parents. Why so? It has come to this due to the fact that the touch and bond no longer exists, a lot of stress is laid on encouraging children to have separate identities and be independent from their parents.

Children, especially infants should be welcomed to sleep with their parents, otherwise the child is fed with signals, that it is unwanted, pervading it’s subconscious.

There will eventually come a time when we will become completely mechanical. The modern Humanoid is stagnating and/or is regressing into becoming procedural and mechanical, instead of being intelligent, creative and sensual.

Humans today are living as if their’s is the last generation. When we can’t live properly, we cannot die properly. The absence of being whole, being total, leads to the degeneration and erosion of the being. From being human beings, we spiral down to becoming Humanoids.

All the pleasures and indulgences make you live life at a very low level. We are forgetting that there was never a beginning, a middle and there will never be an end. We have been, are and will continue to run in circles, forgetting that a circle is a big ZERO - a SHOONYA.

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