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Dr Mickey Mehta’s Gyaana for Prana…


Prana is one on which thoughts and desires are rooted. Prana is the life force, and scientifically, it is breath.

If there is one thing that connects anything to everything, and everything to anything, it’s our breath.

According to the Yogic Science, Mind is the ruler of senses and Prana is the boss of Mind. By regulating Prana, thought /counter thought are in equilibrium and it’s well regulated.

The way you consciously inhale and exhale is activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which restores our energy and reorients our mind by stimulating vagus nerve. Vagus nerve is connected to the base of navel and the base is connected to the Gut.

You can breathe out and ease your entire psychological and emotional trauma.

Watching your breath can tell you what state you are in, as it influences the Limbic system in our brain, where emotions are processed. Being in charge of your emotions is the key. Once you get aware of your breath becoming slow or fast, it makes you aware of where you are going. It helps navigate life. As soon as your breath is out of order, you will be aware of your emotional state, and thus, the emotional state will immediately loose its power.

Breathing in, is the oxygenation of the body, at physical level, which builds the life force.

But all that breath does is improving one’s stamina to tolerate Carbon dioxide and neutralize Oxygen to a great extent. Breath is so powerful, that it can help you get rid of physiological and psychological toxins from the body and mind. Conditioning and strengthening of the Nervous system, will improve focus and concentration. To be in charge of your life and changes in life, be the master of your Prana, be the choreographer of your own change.

A deep breathe in and a deep breathe out through nose can help filter out dust and allergens and dilute our sinuses elevating our temperature especially during exercise to a great extent. Boost your oxygen intake, and humidify the air you breathe in. During heavy workout, one can also resort to breathe out through mouth, dispensing large amount of carbon dioxide CO2.

Deep breathing in and deep breathing out activates right and left side of the brain. It is good for augmenting creativity, productivity and better co-ordination in right and left side of the brain.

Someone, who has never done any sort of pranayama or breathing exercises, the first thing is to have awareness of inhalation and exhalation. Then comes the awareness of the external and internal retention of breath. This is “Aware-halation”.

With breathing activity, your lung capacity increases and progressively improves stamina and conditioning of the heart. Calm, collected, slow breathing improves patience. Your strength, tolerance and everything else falls into balance.

In Yogic Science and philosophy, Prana is defined as The “Pranavayu”, which permeates into the whole universe. It connects anything to everything, and everything to anything.

Retention and suspension of breath can also attain many “Siddhis” for us and we can be the master of the Universe.

Breath harmonized, life Mickeymized

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