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Life to perpetuate; we need to nourish our elements. When we nourish our elements, Life just doesn't only perpetuate, but we also evolve as human beings, we become smarter, wiser and the process of evolution gives us insights- for-sights, intuitions, extrasensory perceptions, multi-sensory perceptions, which means that everything that we consume translates into our personality and character. Everything that we consume, we become that.

If we consume a lot of sunlight in the morning, we become light as a feeling. If we consume a lot of earth; a lot of healthy healing foods, we become very earthy, humble. If we consume a lot of air, oxygen and ether, we get a lot of vitality, the urja, the prana. Similarly, when we consume a lot of water, lot of fluids, we become dynamic and fluid in nature.

WithFire from the sun, heat from the sun, one becomes a spark, a fire belly; enthusiasm for life, zeal and zest for life.

So with all this above, then probably food nourishes you. I would also quote;aGOOD NIGHT’Ssleep nourishes you, a good massage nourishes you, good sounds, good fragrances nourish you and then once again food nourishes you.

A wholesome attitude towards health and nutrition might not be indicative of being happy and successful, but when a more natural lifestyle is adopted we re-align ourselves with the cosmos thereby making us more receptive to its grace.

Let’s go by the “RULE OF THE THUMB”, as per the understanding of the natural system of healing thatVEGETABLES cleanse you; FRUITS heal you; NUTS, SEEDS AND DRY FRUITSfortify you; and HERBS regulates you.

Nutrition has to be seasonal and regional. Your kitchen can become your pharmacy as well.

The father of medicine hypocrite’s one saying “let diet food be high medicine”. Can you ever imagine that all food that we consume as per our Indian system of ancient understanding, our Vedic system, and one would never fall ill at all; or should we say, one would be immunized forever or should we say one would remain youthful, young and full of vigour forever, yes, of course, it's possible.The use of nutrients can neutralize the other abuses of life; so food literally makes leaders, food makes visionaries; food can influence your thought process and make you very creative or otherwise. Foods are the very building blocks of our lives. Apart from breathing, this is the second most regular engagement and intimacy you have with life.

Families bond over/with foods and feelings. The biggest philanthropy of life could be feeding the hungry. There are some other thumb rules of food:

Yogi’seat once a day.

Bhogi’s eat twice a day.

Rogi’s eat all day.

The new system of once a day eating, also called intermittent fasting is nothing but autophagy science, also our ancient wisdom married to modern science and scientific methods.

We consume food, but if we don’t consume the right food, the food can consume us.

Natural Nutrition gets you Naturalized….. Get Mickeymized!!!

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