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Cancel the Cancer!

Human determination is larger than any disease. . .human consciousness is more powerful

than any illness. . . If cancer is destructive. . .we can be creative.

Only a human knows how to walk backwards. Dr Bruce Lipton says, our belief can change our biology. . . Mickey Mehta says, our faith can change our physiology. . .breathing can change our hormonology. . .meditation can change our emotions and psychology!

Let's reverse our age and ailments. Whenever something goes wrong with our body, biology, or physiology, it has a direct impact on our mind, or, in other words, we get affected psychologically as well. This in turn affects our thinking skills, too. And, it doesn’t stop there. We feel emotionally defeated as well, isn’t it? There is despair and anxiety, which spirals into the resentment of feeling “why me?”. Instead of asking these questions, if we rather take responsibility of everything that happens to us, then we would automatically get a whole lot of clarity towards the solutions. Creative Solutions, and More In Sanskrit, the grace of taking responsibility is called ‘Sweekriti’. It is the doorway of finding solutions; primarily, creative solutions. Remember, stress is nothing but the absence of the imaginative and creative thinking process. So, let's incorporate the imaginative and creative thinking process and find interesting solutions for the same. Here are some of the things that will help you to get energized, naturalized, making your psychological and emotional toxins neutralized, and get Mickeymized:

• What are the therapies that you can engage in to uplift yourself emotionally and

psychologically? The first and foremost one would be to soak in a whole lot of sunlight.

When we receive sunlight, we consciously close our eyes, which helps in dropping all your

thoughts, and there is an instant transformation of feeling calm, with energy growing within you. And, with the increase in energy, the amount of clarity, confidence and conviction within you also grows. The working of all these things is an easy and natural process.

• Breathing is the most fundamental element of human life and existence. Becoming

conscious of your breath helps in harmonizing it from getting staggered and scattered, and

prevents fast and irregular breaths. Once the breath’s rhythm comes into place, our

immunity improves. Whether its prevention or recovery from cancer, breath-work is primary. Take slow and deep inhalations and exhalations to uplift yourself emotionally and

psychologically. A beautiful rhythmic breathing pattern will make a huge difference. Our

inner oxygenation itself is capable of giving rise to immune bullence and making it work for

us by helping to fight diseases that proliferate, and combating them further. This helps in prevention as well as recovery.

• Throughout the day, we are eating and drinking something or the other. That is exactly

why it is important to eat and drink clean and green food that will help you to vitalize and

regularize yourself. Be mindful about what you consume, as that will help to cleanse

yourself and integrate you with all your systems and functions, in terms of your physiology,

and thereby create happy hormones. Happy food gives rise to happy hormones, which gives

rise to the harmony of health. Food items, such as honey, raisins, dates and fruits are happy

foods that improve your mood and alter the way you are processing the facts and facing the


• Things, such as optimal movement therapy, different types of exercises (without punishing

or torturing yourself – ones where you stretch, contract and rotate) give rise to

immunoglobulins in your body, which once again shield you from diseases and help you to

recover from weakness and regain strength after a bout of cancer.

• Get started with some movement therapy, which includes any type of creative movement

therapy or optimal movement therapy — something that is accurately specific to your

constitution, energy, and ability. This will help in increasing the blood circulation, which will in turn boost your immunity. As your digestion improves, your toxin elimination will also get better. Most importantly, with an increase in blood circulation and oxygenation, your endocrine system will function well, hormones will behave well, and the feel-good

hormones will be released.

• Make all the endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, etc. fall in love with you. Exercising is like

romancing with your own being! Resort to therapies, such as aromatherapy where

fragrances of various flowers, fruits, vegetables, sandalwood oil, aroma oils, and many such

fragrances will help in uplifting your mood. This further boosts your confidence and

conviction, and helps you to come up with creative solutions.

• Let’s now speak about therapies, and giving your body some much-needed rest. Things,

such as going for body massages, practicing meditation, and resting your body are

imperative to repair and restore your life from disorder to order and dis-ease to ease, and

save our lives from decay or death, and put it back onto the track of health that is creative,

productive, wholesome and soulful. Activities, such as singing, dancing, laughing, joking

around, and engaging in childlike behaviour, also boosts the immunity to a whole new level.

And, the most important feel-good factor is — to love. The beautiful emotion of love gives

rise to oxytocin, which is extremely healing in nature. , and opiates also secrete because of

meditation/prayers and they follow oxytocin as well.

• Silence is golden, they say. Sitting in silence and doing nothing at all also helps you to

recover. It disrupts the pattern of negative thoughts and stops them from running through

your mind further. Allowing your breath to settle down and getting into the flow and rhythm will give you solutions and help you to move positively and creatively in the direction of countering your ailments, and recovering. This will make you stronger, releasing more energy and increasing your immunity.

• Something as basic as washing your face, splashing some water on your eyes, or taking a

shower, also helps tremendously. In short, getting out of the situation and circumstance is

key. Go for a walk (perhaps around some place that is blessed with greenery), whenever you’re feeling down and out. This will help in changing your thought process, and refreshing you.

And additionally if you embrace the ayurveda way of life and therapies we can have health

super fine. . .health divine!

Take these easy life-changing steps and let your Life Get Energized, Cancer Neutralized, and Get Mickeymized!!!

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