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Nutrition for Protein Management

A protein-focused nutrition program is essential for tissue building, immune support, and overall health. Managed protein intake aids weight management by increasing satiety and preserving lean muscle mass. Our tailored programs cater to specific populations such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals recovering from illness or surgery, addressing their unique nutritional requirements. We prioritize well-being, supporting various physiological functions and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Join us to redefine nutrition and well-being with specially crafted recipes and delicious food options.

1. Personalized Assessment

Meet with our experts to define your health goals, medical history, and conditions accurately.

2. Customized Nutrition

Receive personalized nutrition plans based on your body type and goals tailored to support your well-being journey.

3. Tailored Exercise

Recommended bespoke movement therapies crafted to address your specific needs including importance on breathwork. 

4. Lifestyle Coaching

Education on small and sustainable lifestyle changes that make a significant difference.

5. Innovative and Accessible Diet Plans

 Recipes, guidance and nutrition plans that can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle with locally sourced ingredients and crafted deliciously for you.

6. Ongoing Progress Review

Get weekly progress reviews by experts and 24/7 WhatsApp support for any concerns.

What's Included In The Session?

  • The session lasts upto 1.5 hours.

  • It's an online consultation

  • Follow the online checkout process to book your preferred day, time and make the payment.

  • Sure you can call us at +91 85915 02168 if you have any concerns and seek further clarifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Nutritionists

Ms. Nisha Amin

Clinical Nutritionist / Bariatric Nutritionist
M. Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Ms. Gorsi Zaveri

Clinical Nutritionist / Lifestyle Therapist   Masters in Clinical Research

PG (Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics)

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