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Nutrition for Diabetes Management

With India ranking 2nd in diabetes prevalence, we tackle the challenge of internal healing. Our targeted diabetic nutrition program educates on essential aspects like carbohydrates (simple/complex), fibers, and vitamins, facilitating healthier food choices and supporting optimal sugar levels through simple adjustments. Tailored nutritional plans, accommodating individual preferences and lifestyles, enhance effectiveness and sustainability by 100%. Join us in redefining nutrition and well-being, with specially crafted recipes and irresistible food options, for a transformative experience.

1. Personalized Assessment

Meet with our experts to define your health goals, medical history, and conditions accurately.

2. Customized Nutrition

Receive personalized nutrition plans based on your body type and goals tailored to support your well-being journey.

3. Tailored Exercise

Recommended bespoke movement therapies crafted to address your specific needs including importance on breathwork. 

4. Lifestyle Coaching

Education on small and sustainable lifestyle changes that make a significant difference.

5. Targeted Pathological Investigation

Dive deep into pathological findings for a precise and effective approach to weight management.

6. Natural Supplements

Consult with our expert homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors for effective, side-effect-free solutions.

7. Ongoing Progress Review

Get weekly progress reviews by experts and 24/7 WhatsApp support for any concerns.

What's Included In The Session?

  • The session lasts upto 1.5 hours.

  • It's an online consultation

  • Follow the online checkout process to book your preferred day, time and make the payment.

  • Sure you can call us at +91 85915 02168 if you have any concerns and seek further clarifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Nutritionists

Ms. Nisha Amin

Clinical Nutritionist / Bariatric Nutritionist
M. Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Ms. Gorsi Zaveri

Clinical Nutritionist / Lifestyle Therapist   Masters in Clinical Research

PG (Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics)

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