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Grow Tall

  • Improve your focus, attention, memory & concentration

  • Transform character, build personality, channelise your energy 

  • Inculcate sanskar , guna's, bhava's 

  • Spiritual & mental awareness

  • Children will be leaders, champions and achievers of tomorrow

Dr. Mickey Mehta's Grow tall
!!! New Batch !!!   Starting from Jan 3rd 2023


Dr. Mickey Mehta's Grow Tall

An online program with,

● Vedic Science of Bhavas, Gunas and Sanskaras.
● Improving focus, attention and memory.
● Heightened Immunity.
● For Development in sports excellence.
● Enhancing Character and Personality building.

Batch 1 - Age group: 5 yrs to 12 yrs
Batch 2 - Age group: 12 yrs to 18 yrs
6 months program
Twice a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Time - 4pm to 4.45pm

Limited slots only

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