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Flow Yo 

  • Flow YO is the systematic, rhythmic and synchronized movement of the body. It is a series of dynamic stretches and Yoga asanas, to ensure a smooth flow of energy throughout the body, which typically starts from top to bottom.


  • Dynamic stretching in Flow YO uses the momentum of a movement to complete its extension of specific muscle groups.  It is a stretching activity, which includes the extension of the limbs and it’s corresponding muscle groups, through precise ranges of motion with coordinated breath.


  • Flow YO improves our mobility both in short term (as a warm up for a workout) and in the long term by helping us reduce the probability of injury. 

      DMM says: Life is all about the flow for rhythm and harmony. Don’t hold yourself back.

      FLOW YO:

  1. Tiger pose (flow)

  2. Plank pose to side plank to star pose on each side (flow)

  3. Downward facing dog to three-legged dog to knee to elbow (flow)

  4. Plank to ashwasanchalanasana (flow)

  5. Deep lunge and twist on both sides (flow)

  6. Downward dog jump to malasana (flow)

  7. Uttanpadasana (flow)

  8. Viprit naukasana (flow)

  9. Bhujangasana to downward dog (flow)

  10. Padahastasana in motion (flow)

  11. Padahastasana- full range (flow) 

  12. Ardha Chakrasana- full range (flow)

  13. Grab both arms at the elbows, bend from the waist and hang (flow)

  14. Bring hands to the center of the chest and open out arms to side (flow) 

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