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Cross Yo 

  • Cross YO is a combination of moderate and high intensity workouts, which tone the entire body. The varying intensity primarily works on our muscular endurance and also on our energy system through the optimal utilization of glycogen in our body resulting in toning up all the muscles in our body. It is a challenging workout experience, which uses a variety of fitness components and techniques, thereby reducing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass.

  • The human brain is divided into two hemispheres. A singular part of the brain functions by default in relation to different day-to-day activities. The programming and activity provided in Cross YO, alternates between the upper and lower body muscle groups, and assist in Musculo-skeletal conditioning and psycho-neuro-muscular co-ordination. This is promoted by optimal firing of neurons in the brain in set sequences. 

DMM says:

Cross YO brings about a great sense of balance, addresses spatial awareness, and improves our alertness, responses and reflexes.


  1. Mountain climber (cross)

  2. Clap push ups (cross)

  3. Squat jumps (cross)

  4. Frog jump (cross)

  5. Spot jogging

  6. Jumping jacks

  7. Burpees 

  8. Plank- knee to elbow touch (cross)

  9. Hand to toe touch in table top position (cross)

  10. Bear walks and reverse

  11. Plank forearms to wrist (cross)

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