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Cool Yo 

  • Life oscillates back and forth between polarities. After the thermogenesis of the body the calming, composing and cooling of the body is equally important. 

  • Cool YO is designed to gradually normalize one’s heart rate and blood pressure and transit back to near resting state of the body. It neutralizes lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness, and faster recovery to ensure over all well-regulated energy levels. 

  • Cool YO helps prevent muscle soreness. It helps our body to feel better in the hours and days following our workout by promoting a sense of relaxation.

  • True relaxation would mean a complete resignation of the body to the laws of gravity, the mind to nature and the entire energy transferred to a deep dynamic breathing.  The complete relaxation of the voluntary muscles at once transfers energy to the involuntary parts. This transfer of energy by voluntary action and involuntary reaction produces the necessary equilibrium for the renewal of strength.

DMM says:

Composing is integrating back to the state of wholeness after hyper activity.


  1. COOL YO

  2. Cat pose (cool)

  3. Balasana (cool)

  4. Viparita karani (cool)

  5. Simhasana (cool)

  6. Sukhasana (cool)

  7. Pawanmuktasana (cool)

  8. Halasana (cool)

  9. Pawan muktasana (cool)

  10. Sarvangasana (cool)

  11. Shrishasana (cool)

  12. Savasana (cool)

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