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Cardio Yo 

  • Cardio YO is designed to strengthen the cardiac, respiratory and pulmonary muscles. It increases one’s stamina and overall performance, as well as the longevity of organs and their healthy functioning.

       Cardio YO consists of: 

  • Cardio (heart muscles) - respiratory (functionality of the lungs) and vascular (supply through blood vessels) – training.

  • The benefits of Cardio YO include a stronger and more efficient heart, with an improved ability to pump blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. Finally, apart from its physiological benefits Cardio YO is a great mood elevator.

  • Cardio YO also improves your spatial senses.

       DMM says: Once a lot of oxygen begins to pump, it lifts you out of the dumps.

       CARDIO YO

  1. Shuffle step back and forth (cardio)

  2. Plank jacks (cardio)

  3. Jumping jacks (cardio)

  4. Plank jacks (cardio)

  5. High knees (cardio)

  6. Shuffle step back and forth (cardio)

  7. Aerial jump rope (cardio)

  8. Long jump forward backward hop (cardio)

  9. Butt kick (cardio) 

  10. Front to back hop (cardio)

  11. Side to side hop (cardio)

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