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Image by Calum Lewis


Ayurveda is all about how we consume life and our daily discipline which we call dincharya This is all about  eating, drinking, sleeping, addressing our digestion primarily and orchestrating all the organs and the secretions and that too constitution specific. Ayurveda is as much about herbs, natural foods and healing with the environment, disciplines of eating etc. It is as much about therapies as well. Panchkarma is suppose to be the mother of all remedies addressing every human, pain suffering and ailments with various oils and herbs, roots and everything available in nature on the body and all orifices of human body. The vibratory frequencies of products of nature bring about the state of rhythm flow, balance and above all harmony.  The very essence of all such products of nature make our fragmented being whole again. Healing - Healing all the way Repair restoration lead to efficient regeneration. It too has an inexhaustible volume of knowledge and wisdom and yet I have tried to explain this succinctly.

Look up on the details of the panchkarma therapies. You may not find all the answers but certainly you may find the inspiration and motivation to make Ayurveda an integral part of life.

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