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23 Jan 2023

Yoga as we see, experience and hear; is all about performing asanas,

Yoga as we see, experience and hear; is all about performing asanas, breathing or meditation but we miss out on its part of re-organising our systems, functions and organs. Its potential for alignment and balance of our elements - pancha mahabhutas inside: air, water, fire, earth and ether.

Most people haven't known or understood the power of stillness in postures, postures in poetry can stimulate growth hormones and regulate glandular hormonal functions. Many also don't realize how yoga helps cellular regeneration in real time simultaneously, as one cell dies and another is created. This itself is anti-aging, supports longevity and prevents diseases.

One beautiful part about yoga is its subtlety- faculties are regenerated: ability to see (eyesight), hear, touch, taste and smell; while patience, tolerance, insight, foresights, intuition, mental clarity makes us evolve. It brings leadership to the fore. We’ve heard about yoga balancing and calming the mind; however, yoga’s breath, meditation and posture in poetry can heal your heart, heal your hurt, heal your pain and give you sympathy, empathy, compassion and inner strength, grace for forgiving, forgetting… blessing.

Yoga has the power to heal diseases, the disorder turns into order, disease will turn into ease and decay will turn into regenerative processes. Yoga is invincible, yoga brings faith, yoga brings conviction, yoga brings aatmvishwas, manobal, the power of mind and most importantly yoga brings optimism. So yoga doesn't just help build characters and personalities, it helps mankind, it helps build countries and nations, build this world, bring about peace and harmony,

‘Yatha pinde tatha brahmande’ – ‘as is the atom so is the universe’, ‘be like that, become like that’.

‘Soham’ – ‘I am that’ - identifying oneself with the universe’,

“Tat Vam Asi”– ‘Truth is I and you together are one with the brahmand (the universal consciousness).’

Yoga Revolutionized… Mankind Mickeymized!!!

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