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Mickey Mehta writes about why women need to focus on their health

9 Apr 2023

When it comes to consciousness, mankind has reached its pinnacle. Women, for example, are usually extremely sensitive and a whole species unto themselves

When it comes to consciousness, mankind has reached its pinnacle. Women, for example, are usually extremely sensitive and a whole species unto themselves. A woman’s health in her organic being is more sound and anchored deep within; her life force is more tenacious, more resilient, of course because she bares all. If we were to look at the infant child mortality rate for males, which is five times greater than that of females.

Because of a woman’s superior immunity compared to a man’s due to her physiological makeup and physical structure, it is also believed that women outlast men.

She is a very sound and deep biological being, filled with the traits of her personality and character: shy, timid, serving keeps her always buoyant and satisfied from within. Women’s ultimate strength is their selflessness and desire to put their family and the world first. Women are naturally strong in terms of their health due to their characteristics and state of interior fulfilment.

The woman is a born healer, she can heal herself, she can heal her family, and heal her surroundings with love. You’ll be surprised as to why I’m connecting the woman’s gender in relation to Ayurveda in this sense because a woman also cooks, serves with a full heart, woman energizes her entire home keeps it clean and since a woman knows how to pull remedies out of her kitchen, whether it is cold, whether it is cough, whether aches and pains, whether it’s giddiness whatever be it the situation, a woman knows what to pull out of the kitchen and soothe and heal her family. What happens is by the virtue of a being, not only is her circadian rhythm synchronized with the sunrise, and sunset but also her hormonal rhythm, if in balance, can take care of the doshas - vata, pitta, kapha. A woman who is sound, balanced, centred, and contended normally has all the 3 dosha balanced; they are called tri-doshi. Being a home-maker or working woman, she needs to take care of herself first.

Follow a routine or Dincharya as per Ayurveda: Start your morning with a herbal tea made with organic jaggery and cinnamon. For better immunity. Eat lots of raw fruits in the morning, alkaline fruits such as musk melon, honey dew melon, pomegranate, and coconut water (for summer). Avoid preserved, flavoured, artificial, coloured, or processed foods.

Finish your dinner by 6.30 pm. Meditate to relax and rejuvenate. Do focussed yoga for women especially asanas like Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose), Pavan muktasana (wind relieving pose), Naukasana (boat pose), Balasana (child pose), and Ustrasana (camel pose).

A woman is very perceptive to life, life force, and the surroundings in terms of reflections and in terms of getting energy for her own personal healing and mending. A woman is skilled at taking care of herself by creating her own oils, creams, medicines, and food that is enhanced by the best seasonal, regional, and resource-conscious choices

Woman naturalised...Woman energised...with Ayurveda every woman gets Mickeymised!

Published in The Free Press Journal

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