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Mickey Mehta: Holistic and hybrid forms of fitness will be the new normal

10 Sept 2022

Workouts shouldn’t be a punishment; they should be a celebration. So, also we should meditate as much as we can

Published in Free Press Journal

Man’s journey of fitness, wellness, well-being, health started without being self-aware of it. Life was natural and so was the environment around him, he was surrounded by nature in its full vibrancy of energy and full power of its radiance. Ever since life got industrialized and chemicals and pollution and fumes and adulteration and processed food came into man’s life, ever since mechanization came into man’s life, the absence of wellness and well-being was felt deeply, so he thought it was important to address it.

Moreover, technology has brought in interference with the electromagnetic field thus disturbing the energy field that could be causing biological deterioration. However, going back thousands of years; our seers of wisdom, seers of reality, seers with self-realization discovered the art of Yoga and Ayurveda, which remains constant even today.

Stop counting, start living

We are meandering with technology currently and are lost in it with zillions of gadgets such as the calorie counters, the step counters, the heart rate machines, the sugar measurement machines and others. We count calories, we count reps, we count steps, all what we are doing is becoming accountants with life, so stop counting, start living!

Given the treadmills of the world, the elliptical trainers and the mechanized way of pumping your muscles, well they do good to a certain extent only; but my advice to you is that the future of fitness belongs to once again by being outdoors and connecting with the environment — fresh and green, in the lap of nature with vibrant elements to stimulate you and enable your inner intelligence to get ignited.

The pandemic really taught us a big lesson and that is — it’s important to be back to the basics by mingling with nature, communicating with nature, listening to nature, co-responding with nature’s energy, connecting, soaking in the natural beauty, refreshing our minds and enabling us to feel enriched and uplifted. Citizens did that just by resorting to yoga, taking walks in parks, gardens and doing functional training in the open.

With the inclusiveness of nature, the elements within you will become vibrant and will get stimulated. The forces and the energies of polarities within you will get balanced as you need to get harmonized and get your energies into a state of equilibrium.

We also need to increase our energies through lots of breath work and optimal movement therapy. Remember we don’t need to work like animals, we need to work like intelligent humans, as we are not mules. Workouts shouldn’t be a punishment; they should be a celebration. So, also we should meditate as much as we can.

Plant-based nutrition

The future of fitness and wellness also lies in a plant-based nutrition for it to translate into intelligence and wisdom because when the food grows in fields, it becomes a witness to the planetary movement, the sky and the season and, as much in the breath I would say, there is no sin in eating animal protein.

Try to consume food within the window of eight hours and allow your body to rest for the next 16 hours. Ideally, the cut-off time for food should be 6:30 pm every evening. Take a lot of sunshine, rest very very well, recreate yourself, pray, meditate, dive deep into philosophy and embrace wellness like never before. If this was the past of wellness, this can well become the future of wellness as well.

Hybrid forms of fitness

The future of fitness will be dynamic, constantly evolving and a heady mix of traditional and modern fitness trends that will reshape the destiny of the fitness industry. The gen-next millennials are more tech-savvy, they believe in instant gratification, gamification, adrenalin pumping excitement and innovation. They are stereotype breakers and are constantly looking at new ways of enhancing their personalities. They are almost on the verge of being narcissists and wish to look and feel their best. In their constant pursuit to look dapper and gorgeous, they keep using technologically stimulating fitness gadgets.

In the near future, more fitness enthusiasts will throng to the Fitness Hubs where specialised fitness training in various forms will become the new normal. Say if someone wants to do yoga, they will move into the yoga centre within the Fitness Hub while others would prefer to indulge in exercising using high-tech gamification format which is gaining momentum among the millennials.

In all probability, holistic and hybrid forms of fitness — a combination of traditional and modern fitness workouts — will be the new normal. While holistic fitness will focus more on the wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul, hybrid fitness will be a combination of

Augmented reality, Virtual Reality (VR) cum holistic-based, gamified-based fitness using a combination of mindful workouts. Not just that, more and more fitness platforms will be used to empower the fitness enthusiasts with tutorials, tools and training. So, look forward to an enlightening future of fitness!     

Fitness Maximized… Future Mickeymized!

Published in Free Press Journal

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