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23 Jan 2023

The power of the mind is unfathomable, indescribable and simply beyond our imagination.

The power of the mind is unfathomable, indescribable and simply beyond our imagination. The mind is a power house of energies and memories. It is a storehouse of imagination and a treasure-chest of wisdom. It is up to us to realize our mind’s potential. As much as the mind can shine like a diamond, it can sometimes lose its luster like the pearl as well.

Happy thoughts result in a happy mind and vice versa. We need to declutter the cobwebs of the mind from time to time, day after day. Over thinking, over worrying, over reacting - all these tend to become averse to your mental wellbeing.

All you need to do is check your lifestyle habits and fix the faulty habits. Too much of overindulgence in work can become detrimental to your health. Moreover, negativity of others can rub on you so stay away from people with negative mental disposition. Like the body, our mind too needs a good night’s sleep. If you deprive it of the much deserved rest, your mind will fog up and you will find it difficult to focus and concentrate be it at work or with your daily household chores.

Long work hours at offices lead to less mobility thereby constricting your physical activity which in the long run can become detrimental for your mental wellbeing as a weak body can directly affect your mind’s health.

With modern technology making our lives easy, it has also made us its slaves as we are completely dependent on it to help us with our basic chores such as washing dishes, clothes, instant cooking using microwave and so on. Our forefathers didn’t have these privileges but they went on to live a full life replete with good health. It was possible as they were active and performed every household chore with their hands whereas the modern day home appliances have made us inactive and lethargic and completely dependent on them.

So how can you strike a perfect physical and mental balance? Make breath work, visualization, meditation and creative affirmations a part of your life. Switch to clean vegan green food. Savour nutritious and fibrous fruits; smell fresh fruits and fragrances. Stay calm, stay cool, stay blessed, stay focused and stay motivated! This way your nature and the outside nature will be your perfect medicine for your mind.

Get Immunized… Get Mickeymized!!!

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