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Mental health tips: How to avoid emotional highs and lows in post pandemic world

21 Jan 2023

As mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, mood swings

As mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, mood swings become more common in post pandemic world, here are tips by a wellness guru to manage emotional highs and lows effectively.

Feeling emotionally distressed and overwhelmed all the time? Mental health issues in the post pandemic world have become a common occurrence as more and more people are unable to battle high workplace stress due to pandemic related burnout and fatigue. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there is a 25 per cent increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide post pandemic because of multiple stress factors such as loneliness, fear of infection, suffering and death of loved ones, grief after bereavement and financial worries to name a few. Even after the restrictions have opened up and life has returned to normal, the mental health continues to suffer.

Depression, anxiety and mood swings can be tackled by bringing some holistic changes in the lifestyle. Experts say we need to slow down, connect with nature, exercise and eat well to take care of our mental health.

Dr Mickey Mehta, Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach says one should indulge in activities that brings you in harmony with environment and lead life at a slower pace.


Pray, meditate, spend time with loved ones


"Keep the pace of your life slow. A slow pace ensures that you are in perfect flow, perfect rhythm and in perfect harmony with your environment - whether it be humans, objects, or elements. Also, as its important to keep your emotional and psychological equilibrium, one must regularly circulate, breathe, stretch, contract, meditate, pray, sing, dance or indulge in some kind of recreation. Spending time with family and friends, watching comedy movies and listening to some great music with uplifting lyrics, would certainly enable you to come out of your emotional lows," says Dr Mehta.


Become in charge of your body and mind


Dr Mehta says we can train ourself to become in charge of our mind and body which will also help handle sensitivity and control emotional ups and downs.


"When you exercise and train your body, making your body subservient in terms of your stretches, contractions, holds against the gravity; you don't just become in charge of your body, you also become in charge of your mind. That’s because if your body behaves the way you want to, your mind can also behave the way you wish to," says the expert.


Spend time in the company of nature


Embracing nature is another way to feel peaceful, says Dr Mehta and for that he says one should step outside and observe nature.


"Of all the things, mingling with the elements is most important - spending time outside the four walls of your confined bedroom, especially close to the vibrant elements - trees, rivers, lakes, oceans, greenery, lawns, open spaces, gardens, orchards, etc, will be good for you. Embrace the life forces, meander out in the sunlight and open sky. Listen to the chirping of the birds in the mornings and evenings," says Dr Mehta.


"Such activities will get you in tune and in balance with yourself, cleanse your negative emotions, destructive and disruptive thoughts, and bring a sense of rhythm in you. With this rhythm and flow, there will be empathy, compassion, harmony, sympathy flowing out of you. You'll be more forgiving, more giving, more sharing, and more caring," he concludes.


 Published in Hindustan Times


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