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Health guru Mickey Mehta’s tips for holistic living

22 Jan 2023

You can't achieve physical fitness if your mind is not at peace. Focus on overall well-being to enjoy a healthy life.

Fitness covers a broad spectrum. Fitness alone is the lowest denomination of health. Emphasis must be on achieving complete wellness and well-being. One must strive to attain a state of good health through purifying, cleansing, refining, culturing and rejuvenation-all these aspects when integrated makes you feel energised, more evolved and enlightened. Holistic health is organic wellness and refers to the togetherness of the mind, body and soul. The result of such an integration is positive metamorphosis thereby harmonising all energies-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


My 10-point agenda for achieving holistic wellness are:

1.    A combination of exercises like yoga, calisthenics, boot camp, gym workouts, swimming, brisk walks, cyclingetc help you to stay motivated and consistent. All these are productive exercises that does not just address the structure of the body but acts within, through the chakras or the seven energy points of the body, help to enhance stamina, flexibility, agility, creativity and regulates the nervous, digestive and endocrine functions.

2.    Good food contributes to mind-body wellness. What you eat has a deep impact on your moods and attitudes. Incorporate natural and alive foods like fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds etc daily. Avoid canned and preserved foods. Hydrate well.

3.    Unwind and relax. Learn a relaxation technique like meditation, prayers, massage etc. They aid in control of stress. Massages help to stimulate blood circulation and promote elimination of toxins and wastes. Meditation and pranayam cleanses the mind of fear, phobia, anxiety and fatigue, creates and conserves your energy.

4.    Get adequate sleep. Sleep is essential for good health, mental and emotional functioning. It has great therapeutic value. Lack of sleep can cause mood swings, obesity, low immunity and fatigue and productivity. Take this aspect of wellness seriously.

5.    Communicate with the elements of nature like sun, water, earth, plants, flowers and the sky to absorb, activate and stimulate the energies within you.Cosmic nutrition releases and stimulates your energy meridians. Allow nature to take care of your balanced healthy state.

6.    Mental wellbeing through laughter: Laughter is contagious. You not only add vigour to your life but help others also to unwind and forget their worries. When you smile your body releases natural opiates or endorphins, reduces stress hormones and increases your immune system.

7.    An important aspect of wellness is to listen and respect your body and what it conveys to you. Chronic ailments, stress, migraine etc are your body s warning signals. Take note and act on it.

8.    Whatever you do, do them with love and joy from the most mundane job to the vitally rewarding ones. This ensures that you strive on the right vibrations. Complaints and disenchantment need to be curtailed for a vibrant environment.No matter how difficult life ways are, open your heart out and keep the love flowing. Rise above all maladies and create a realm of peace and love and respect for others to follow.

9.    Embracepositive attitude and creative thinking to perpetuate a healthy mind, body and spirit for confidence to flow naturally.Avoid negativity. Negative moods and thoughts can damage your mental as well as your physical well-being and can accelerate early onset of aging.

10. Good deeds: Being helpful makes you a happier person. Caring people are less likely to experience depression. Wholesome and holistic wellness involve more than mere physical body. Good deeds and acts of kindness, giving and sharing help to promote spiritual well-being as well as satisfy our souls bringing fulfillment and purpose of life to the fore.


I call these points 'The Healers', which are critical for wholesome living -- a disciplined lifestyle, consistent and regular exercising, conscious eating, resting well, and structuring our attitudes and behaviour play key roles in influencing one s health. The effects of healthy and corrective lifestyles lead to a disease free life and improved circulation, hormonal, emotional and mental balance, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion and heightened immunity. Make wellness a lifestyle, harmonise yourself, maximize your attitudes, and let your inner wellness be realised.


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