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Expert Speaks: Dr Mickey Mehta About Nutrition & Quality of High-Living

10 May 2023

Dr. Mickey Mehta- “Human consciousness can drive the growth of personal destiny.”

The holistic health and yoga guru, Dr. Mickey Mehta, shared his principles and ideals of healthy living with Mr. Nikhil Mehta (CEO of Wellcurve). What followed was an intuitive conversation about his mantra for wellness and nourishment.

Dr. Mehta explains how nutrition is built on three basic pillars of food preferences-

  1. Sensible Eating: Eat ‘what makes sense to you that will nourish the body, add value, and not take away.’

  2. Intelligent Eating: ‘Regional, seasonal becomes intelligent. Your choice of food becomes intelligent.’

  3. Ethical Eating: ‘Your consumption of food shouldn’t take away somebody’s liberty of life, shouldn’t give somebody pain.’

He elucidates this idea by asserting that a conscious individual should consume food that is wholesome, natural, vegan, unprocessed, and chemical-free. “Food Translates into building character and personalities.” Our daily meals should be enriched with a ‘Paushtik Aahar’ which gives you joy, compassion, and creativity.

We asked Dr. Mehta about the top 5 tips he would recommend to bring a real difference in the quality of high-living.

“I have been preaching and teaching people about nourishing oneself with cosmic nutrition first.” Dr. Mickey Mehta’s five commandments to a quality life are-

  1. Breathing. He explains the importance of deep, regulated, conscious, and orchestral breathing. Throughout the day, 15-20 minutes of breathing during Meditation, Exercise, Morning Prayer, and before Sleeping can make a huge difference.”This collective breathing for 2 hours in a day can take you high up on the ladder of evolution.”

  2. Simplify Food. “We are made up of 5 elements- water, earth, air, fire, and ether.” Mingling with these elements brings you courage and gives you a better perspective in life. He further quotes, “Go East, Go West, Dal Chawal is the best.” One should simplify food choices and indulge in healthy eating like seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc.

  3. Meaningful Exercise. To absorb the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which one acquires from a nourishing diet, needs to be assimilated with meaningful exercise. “We should have a calibrated challenge for the body- Exercise. Do not exercise like an animal. Exercise should be enjoyment and celebration.”

  4. Meaningful, Good Rest. “Life oscillates from activity to passivity and passivity to activity.” The human body needs rest which heals, purifies, fortifies, and regulates oneself. One should disconnect from the world, thank the divinity, and have a meaningful rest.

  5. Be Grateful. A human being needs to detach from the desires to grow. Meditation and prayers are very important to have a cosmic connection with the universe which heals and purifies the body.

What Dr. Mehta had to say about unhealthy cravings and cheat meals?

“Man is born to make mistakes which is what makes us humans. Otherwise, we will become God.” Cheat meals are natural and there is no problem in pacifying your unhealthy cravings. However, it needs to be understood that cheat meals should be circumstantial. If you are having 4 to 5 days of nourishing meals, then it is fine to have a limited intake of desirable meals. But, one should not overindulge.

Dr. Mickey Mehta strongly believes that objective and attitude can bring a lot of change as far as human growth and evolution is concerned. Every individual needs to change the perspective of life and work towards bringing-in what one wants. Human consciousness can drive the growth of personal destiny and that is how one can reach divinity, excellence, and build an integral cosmic connection.

Published in Well Curve

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