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Elite Ensemble at Phoenix Kessaku: A series of unique cultural events featuring standup comedian Sorabh Pant and health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta

3 Jun 2023

At 'Elite Ensemble,' a super exclusive event hosted by Phoenix Kessaku and supported by the EconomicTimes.

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced modern lives, one welcomes the opportunity to take a step back and unwind – which is exactly what Elite Ensemble, a super-exclusive series of events hosted by Phoenix Kessaku, promises you. From veteran standup comedian Sorabh Pant to health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta, the Elite Ensemble event series offers the chance for you to enjoy an evening of cultural extravaganza at Phoenix Kessaku, one of the most prestigious residential properties in the heart of Bengaluru.

Supported by the, the Elite Ensemble series of invite-only Friday evenings boasts picturesque settings, celebrity hosts, and a range of enthralling activities that allow you to immerse yourself in an evening of art, music, literature, comedy, food, and more.

Sorabh Pant at Elite Ensemble

The first event of the Elite Ensemble series kicked off in March with none other than Sorabh Pant, who performed to a live audience at Kessaku, an exclusive super luxury residential apartment property by the Phoenix Group. Located in Rajajinagar, Bangalore, Kessaku, which translates to ‘masterpiece' in Japanese, embodies opulence in every detail and offers its residents a unique living experience with high-end features, prime central location, and generous living spaces.

At the first edition of the Elite Ensemble series with Sorabh Pant, the standup comedian had the audience engaged with his razor-sharp wit and observational humour. Sharing his experience as a participant of the Elite Ensemble event at Phoenix Kessaku.

Vinay Javagal, Founder of 7Concepts Informatics Private Limited, said, “I had a chance to visit the property and they've done a fantastic job; the architect’s work is marvelous and the quality is good. It also offers the opportunity for a customer to customise the offering. This is definitely a fantastic value addition to this part of the town.”

Echoing his sentiments was Hariram Thakkar of SCJ Plastics who said, “Right from the time we entered (the property), we found the security arrangement to be really excellent… The apartment was also fabulous; the the entire furniture, placement of things and all that… gave me quite a good impression about the way one can live luxuriously.

Elite Ensemble at Phoenix Kessaku with Dr. Mickey Mehta

The second session at 'Elite Ensemble at Phoenix Kessaku' was held as a holistic healing experience led by Dr. Mickey Mehta on May 27, 2023. Titled 'Longevity - Youthfulness Forever,' this session focused on the importance of wellness in our fast-paced modern world at a time when stress levels have unprecedented heights and health concerns become increasingly prevalent.

Speaking about the session by Dr. Mehta as well as about Phoenix Kessaku, Prashant Angani, Founder and CEO of Spotalpha, said, "It's a one-of-a-kind property in Bangalore, away from the hustle of the city. At the same time, it's a premium property with several amenities that you can't find together in a single apartment. The event was well organised, and the audience was well-educated. It was a premium experience all across."

Published in Economic Times

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