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23 Jan 2023

To stay healthy, adopt good food habits.

With a whopping 1.3 billion population, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world but such a staggering number also poses a lot of challenges when it comes to streamlining the healthcare infrastructure. While the pandemic gripped the nation under its fold, we did manage to come out of its clutches in recent times. The constant need for job security, the economic downslide, market instability, disruption in the normal functioning of social life, all of it led to not just the physical decline in the health of the citizens but also their mental health to a large extent. So, it is our prime responsibility to take care of our mind as we do for our body and not just focus on the physical ailments. One of the most nagging problems is the inability to seek help for mental illnesses owing to the stigma attached to it. It’s time to come out of the cocoon and address this problem at a macro level.

Let us explore the root causes of imbalance in one’s mind which ultimately leads to a weak body and deteriorating health? There are various factors – some being genetic, some owing to relationship entanglements, emotional trauma, overthinking, over-worrying, over-eating and overdoing. Stress also plays one of the major triggers of mental health hazards. The greed for more and more money, more and more luxuries and more and more comforts pushes one to work harder, even at the cost of breaking down emotionally and mentally.

It is observed that grave mental problems stem from deep-rooted distresses experienced in the childhood years. So, it is imperative for the child and the mother to have a happy relationship right from the time the child is in the womb to his/her growing up years.

So how do we get a seamless healthy balance of mind and health? This is possible by going back to adopting the ancient practices of yoga for holistic healing of mind, body and soul. Yogic postures help in aligning the body, uplifting the moods, making the body flexible, opening up the chakras, finding peace and tranquility. Yoga helps cellular regeneration in real time. This itself is anti-aging, supports longevity and prevents diseases.

Make physical exercise a daily part of your routine. Simply start with stretching up, and then try touching your toes gradually without pushing yourself as if bowing down in reverence both to nature and the earth. Twist from side to side and bend forward and backward, for both the flexibility of the mind and body. Practice breath work as well. Breathing when done in the right way helps repair, restore, recourse, and recover your body, mind and soul.

Spend more time, introspecting amidst nature. Look at the trees, look at the vast expanse of the sky, listen to the magical chirping of the birds, soak in the scent of the flowers. Mingling with the elements brings you closer to your natural self. It keeps you calm and happy. It makes you replace fear with faith. Maintain the sanctity of your nature with pranayama, vegetarian food, dhyana (meditation), and principles of detachment. Distance yourself from desires, greed, avarices and anger.

To stay healthy, adopt good food habits. Faulty food habits affect our moods, spike up blood sugar levels, clog up the arteries and cause more harm to the body, mind and soul. So switch to clean, green food, void of chemicals, preservatives, coloring agents, stabilizers, flavoring agents and the processing part of it. Clean, green food will once again help you to restore mind-body, body-mind.

Apart from balanced nutrition, you ought to focus on having a good night’s sleep. Practice the power of positive affirmations, happy visualizations and keep listening to calming music to unwind and rejuvenate.

Meditation enables you to dive deep and embrace the truth that you have limitless potential to evolve, thrive and inspire others to become a better and better version of themselves.

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